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Happy New Year!
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
December 31, 2011


Dear Friends,

As this year draws to a close, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

2011 was a dynamic year in the City of Richmond.  We have taken many important positive steps over the course of this year from disallowing a casino at Pt. Molate to standing for freedom of expression by supporting the Gompers students' mural; from welcoming Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to Richmond to fostering worker-owned cooperatives as an economic strategy; from opposing corporate personhood to embracing the Precautionary Principle.

Through a unanimous approval of a Municipal ID for all Richmond residents, the City Council displayed unity in our understanding of the importance of providing services and protection to all people in our city, including those who lack other forms of identification, such as our immigrant and homeless communities.

We have furthered our health and environmental initiatives throughout the year in many ways.  For example, we launched the Richmond Recovery Solar Rebate (R3) program, which offers solar and energy efficiency rebates to homeowners, and provides jobs for local graduates of our green job training academy. Community groups have helped us beautify our neighborhoods and promote a healthier Richmond with the planting of new trees and growing of community gardens, and we held our first Urban Agriculture Summit, which has led to the creation of a Richmond Food Policy Council to explore ways of accessing healthier food for our community.

We have seen our community unify and mobilize around the need for more athletic fields by forming a new coalition called SAFE (Safe Athletic Fields for Education), and most recently, the City Council has approved putting a Soda Tax measure on next November's ballot to discourage child obesity and fund sports fields and anti-obesity programs. To read a great article on the Soda Tax issue published in Richmond Pulse, a youth-led media project focused on health problems in Richmond, click here:  

In conjunction with community and faith-based groups, we have developed new violence prevention strategies, and we have "Banned the Box" on City employment applications so that applicants no longer have to check a box stating whether they have ever been convicted of a crime, thus providing real second chances and setting an example for private employers.

Keep in mind that this is just a sampling of the many steps we have taken this year!  I will be presenting my State of the City Address in late January (further details to follow) and will be elaborating more extensively on these accomplishments and many more.  

I'd like to end this New Year's message with a very special thank you to everyone who has worked so hard this past year for real progressive change in our City. According to Time Magazine, 2011 was the year of the protester.  In Richmond, we understand the importance of protests.  Whether it be through protesting Chevron's outrageous appeal of their property taxes or through protesting the devastating foreclosure crisis of the big banks, our community has made its voice heard time and again this year...and these efforts and all our efforts to build a progressive Richmond have been enhanced by the birth of the Occupy Movement, which has spread throughout our country and the globe in recent months.  Our shared desire for a more equitable society for the 99 percent unites us unequivocally.  As we close out 2011, a ground-breaking year if there ever was one, let's celebrate this beautiful quest that has united so many of us around the world in 2011, and let's bring in the New Year with a renewed appreciation of the awe-inspiring history we are making.

Happy New Year everyone!

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

PS - Please check out  to view some of the many news articles about our progressive work in Richmond!

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Phone: (510) 237-1456
317 11th Street (must access 11th Street from Nevin)

A Better Richmond is Possible!

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