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The end of the summer of 2011
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
September 18, 2011


Dear Friends,

Here we are at the end of the summer of 2011.  It was a very tragic summer, given the spike in homicides we experienced.  To remember the lives lost, we presented a Proclamation Calling for Mourning in Richmond for the Lives Lost to Violence over the Summer of 2011 at last Tuesday's City Council meeting.  The proclamation calls on the Richmond Police Department, the Office of Neighborhood Safety and all City Departments, hand in hand with the community, to continue to unfold swiftly new programs such as the Ceasefire Project and re-entry strategies for the formerly incarcerated.  To read the proclamation, click here:  Proclamation text

Fred Jackson's passing

As many of you know, another loss recently occured. Fred Jackson, an incredible community champion for decades in Richmond and North Richmond, passed away on September 8.  Fred worked hard to communicate the underlying root causes of our problems.  He knew all too well that street violence is rooted in the injustices and inequities of our society.  He also understood there is nothing more precious in life than the love and joy that comes from building honest and just human relationships, and he spent his life in doing just that.  Last week we honored Fred at two services where several hundred people attended each event and shared expressions and rememberances about Fred.  We are very lucky to have his books, his music, CDs, and videos that document Fred's work and his mission.  The City of Richmond is a better, a stronger, a wiser, and a far more enriching place for all because of Fred Davis Jackson!

October events

While we continue to mourn in the month of September, we also must look to the future.  And we have some incredible events coming up in October!  October is National Arts and Humanities Month and we are poised to celebrate throughout this month the grand opening of the renovated historic Winter's Building, home to the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts.  The public is invited to partake in one or more events as the Center opens the doors to their new state-of-the-art facility, celebrates the creativity and excellence of their young artists, and honors cultural traditions. The theme for this month-long celebration is:

DEEP ROOTS, WIDE WORLD: A Showcase of World Arts Performances

For a list of the grand opening events, click on the link below:
Grand Opening Performance Events

AND...I would like to personally invite everyone to one of the events taking place at the East Bay Center that the RPA Arts Committee is sponsoring.  We have arranged for the world-acclaimed National Children's Theater of Cuba, La Colmentia, on a rare US tour, to perform in Richmond, helping us build bridges of cultural connection! 

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2011 - 7:00-8:30PM

La Colmenita

 at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

339 11th St. in Richmond

La Colmenita draws on the strength of Cuba's art, its history and the talent of its young performers. Their productions are often based on familiar fairy tales and music, but with a creative Cuban twist. They will be performing their play, "Abracadabra," which was written by children and touches on the U.S.-Cuba relationship. The play is about a teacher who invites her students on a journey in search of truth and justice.

Suggested donation: $10, children free.

For more information about La Colmenita:  (510) 219-0092

So while we continue to mourn and remember the sad losses of this summer, let us look to October to lift our spirits, inspire us and renew us with the creative talent of youth, as we celebrate the Grand Opening of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts and honor young artists everywhere!!

My best,

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

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