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Vote for Richmond's Progressive Candidates!
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
October 24, 2012

Dear friends,

We have less than two weeks until Election Day 2012. I want to remind everyone how important this election is for continuing our journey to a better and better Richmond.

We have worked hard and raised the issue of "justice for all" over and over again. Thanks to our collective efforts, we have made remarkable progress. Residents are forever sharing with me how much they like the changes that are occurring in Richmond. And yet, every local election brings us into direct battle with Chevron's money. They are spending millions to defeat the progressive direction of Richmond. Chevron no longer dominates City Hall, as they did for decades, but they hope to regain control.

Massive billboards are plastered all over the city with Chevron's candidates (Bates, Bell and Roberson) ominously towering over our neighborhoods. Nasty mailers flood our mailboxes with hit pieces on principled candidates Marilyn Langlois and Eduardo Martinez. Chevron's hand-chosen candidates in the 2010 election were all defeated when Richmond voters made it clear that Chevron's money cannot buy their votes.  Many of you surely remember that vicious smear tactics were unable to defeat me in my mayoral re-election campaign in 2010; the people of Richmond recognize that putting people before corporate profits is how we continue to take positive steps in Richmond.

Let's make sure that Chevron realizes that the Richmond community continues to stand with candidates who will not surrender their integrity. It's up to all of us to put this understanding into play at the ballot box.  

I have endorsed Marilyn Langlois, Eduardo Martinez and Tom Butt for Richmond City Council because they are working for an empowered community, healthy neighborhoods, and quality of life for all. They have worked on successful initiatives like Richmond's new General Plan that is our blueprint for a healthy, sustainable and equitable future. They understand that our social and economic transformation depends on quality of life changes for all our residents. 

Chevron has been responsible for many problems and hardships in Richmond, including the horrendous August 6 Chevron refinery fire, that drove 15,000 people to seek treatment at local hospitals.   Most of us know that you can't solve problems by expecting solutions from the same forces that created them. Regrettably, Chevron's candidates (Nat Bates, Gary Bell, and Bea Roberson) have not yet learned this lesson. I have heard each of them defend Chevron and take unprincipled positions in support of Chevron over and over again, blaming principled activists and elected officials for Chevron's negligence.  

But let's face it: Big money doesn't give up easily. All of Chevron's candidates lost in 2010, but millions more are being spent in 2012 to reverse this trend. It is up to the voters of Richmond to make it clear to big money that we don't give up easily either. In fact, we don't and won't give up at all.

This election is about continuing to build our future and paving the way for generations to come. This election is about communities joining together - with integrity, with solidarity, and a renewed commitment to a Better Richmond for all!

For Richmond City Council, please vote for:

Marilyn Langlois

Eduardo Martinez

Tom Butt 

Gayle McLaughlin
Mayor, City of Richmond

Contact Information:

Gayle McLaughlin for Mayor 2010
PO Box 5284
Richmond CA 94805
Phone: (510) 237-1456
317 11th Street (must access 11th Street from Nevin)

A Better Richmond is Possible!

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