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Campaign Update #6
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
October 5, 2010

Dear Friends,

Many of you are now aware of a campaign by the Richmond Police Officers Association (RPOA) disclosing personal information about my medical and financial history prior to entering public office.  While I respect and work well with the Richmond Police Department, certain members of the RPOA have a long history of doing the "dirty" campaigning in the last weeks of the election.  In 2008, you will recall that they were responsible for the racist hit piece against the Latino community.

Some years in my earlier life were extremely challenging.  I was the victim of multiple crimes and experienced a host of personal losses, including debilitating illnesses and deaths within my family. My health and personal finances suffered as a result.  

But that is all in the past.  I overcame those challenges. I believe my past challenges have strengthened me and made me a wiser and more compassionate woman, leader, and public servant.  

It is not the adversity that one faces, but how one emerges from that adversity and overcomes one's challenges that defines a person.  

Those who oppose our program for positive change in Richmond have decided to attack me personally, in an attempt to distract voters from the important issues and decisions we face.  

This kind of campaigning - attacking with personal information - has damaged our political process across the nation, and has contributed to the cynicism and powerlessness with which too many people regard government.  Good people are discouraged from becoming active in public life.  

But I know, with great certainty, that Richmond voters will support candidates on the basis of their values, ideas, and vision.  I know that you will look at my record in office over the last six years and judge me on the merits of my consistent hard work and achievements. I stand on my record as Mayor of Richmond.

For anyone in Richmond who has ever struggled with adversity, I stand with you and for you. 
A Better Richmond is possible, and we can build it together.


Gayle McLaughlin
Mayor, City of Richmond

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Gayle McLaughlin for Mayor 2010
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PO Box 5284,  Richmond, CA 94805
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