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Campaign Update #7- The Truth Will Set Us Free
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
October 5, 2010

Dear Friends,

Just 16 days till November 2nd and we are stronger than ever. While there are continued efforts of a malicious nature attempting to turn back the tide of our ground-breaking and positive work in Richmond, we stand on the side of truth with dignity, strength, and courage. This is the "last gasp" of corrupt and incorrigible politics in Richmond that we are witnessing. As Abraham Lincoln has said: "Truth is generally the best vindication against slander." Please see below, as we set the record straight.


Mayor Gayle

                         Setting the Record Straight

Let's clear the air of the many lies and distortions about Mayor McLaughlin that are swirling around in campaign mailers and on signs.

Lie: Mayor McLaughlin voted against the Honda Port project.

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin supported the Honda Project. She would not support the project's Environmental Impact Report until it guaranteed clean air. As a result we got the Honda project with clean air.

Lie: Mayor McLaughlin voted against the Civic Center renovation

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin was a strong supporter of the Civic Center renovation. For environmental and employee health reasons, she opposed the installation of non-operable windows which resulted in dependence on environmentally unsustainable heating and cooling systems.

Lie: Mayor McLaughlin was given a 94% raise without public input. (RPOA/RFA website)

TRUTH: Our full-time Mayor makes less than a city gardener. After public input, on 7/31/07 the City Council voted raises for themselves and the mayor, raising McLaughlin's monthly pay from $3,000 to $3,875 a month (25%). Verification: Contra Costa Times Public Employee Database

Lie: The Mayor voted against the Target project (statement by Nat Bates quoted in the Post, Sept 15-21 and repeated in many public forums)

TRUTH: The City approved the Target project before Gayle McLaughlin began to serve on the Council, in early 2004 (Contra Costa Times, 2/13/04). Through 2008 there were only two votes on the Target project - a unanimous vote on a storm drain and bike path in December 2007, and a unanimous vote to accept Target's $300,000 for the Police in December 2008. The Chief of Police received the check, with the Mayor by his side.

Lie: Mayor McLaughlin refuses to talk to Chevron

TRUTH: The Mayor meets often with Chevron representatives. She is currently in negotiations with them to reach agreement on restarting the Chevron construction project while providing clean air and protection for Richmond residents.

TRUTH: If you want to talk, Mayor McLaughlin will listen. Mayor McLaughlin is open to meeting with anyone in the community upon request, including representatives from businesses and employee unions. She holds monthly Meet-with-the-Mayor sessions that are open to everyone.

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin is on excellent terms with the Richmond Police Department. Police Chief Magnus wrote to Mayor McLaughlin on Oct. 4, 2010, "I continue to appreciate our positive relationship with all members of the City Council, including you as the City's Mayor. Regards, Chris Magnus"

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin insists on accountability. A former employee in the Mayor's office improperly handled funds three years ago. When this incident came to light, Mayor McLaughlin immediately terminated the employee, and reported it to the District Attorney. The person was prosecuted, found guilty, and 90% of the money has been returned to the City. The checks and balances were in place and the system worked.

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin helped create Solar Richmond, but does not own it nor profit from it in any way. Mayor McLaughlin worked with Michele McGeoy to co-found the nationally-recognized Solar Richmond as a grassroots initiative in 2005. Ms. McGeoy later turned Solar Richmond into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Mayor McLaughlin was never on the board or staff of this non-profit, and Solar Richmond is not "owned" by her or anyone. According to Ms. McGeoy, "Mayor Gayle McLaughlin has never received a penny for starting up Solar Richmond and supporting it through these years."

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin overcame past hardships and retained responsibility for school loans. Mayor McLaughlin's request, during a time of personal hardship, for debt relief on her school loans was denied. She has long overcome past hardships, and has retained full responsibility for payment of these loans.

TRUTH: Mayor McLaughlin Takes No Corporate Money for Her Campaign. "This is my third electoral race and I have never taken a dime from corporations for my campaigns. While most of the corporate money in this race is directed toward my defeat, there are some - card clubs and competing casinos - that are sending out literature supporting me because they oppose the Mega Casino in Richmond. I do not control their actions. But I accept no contributions from them. My goal is to keep all corporations out of electoral politics - including them. In 2004 I began a new practice in Richmond by rejecting all corporate contributions. Since then, Dr. Jeff Ritterman and candidates Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez have embraced this practice as well. We believe that the power of ideas and principles resonates more among the voters than the power of corporate money."

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

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