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Campaign Update #8
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
October 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

Thanks to our collective efforts, we have come so far to bring positive change to Richmond.  To continue building our Better Richmond , we must also bring change to the City Council.  We need council members who will join me in representing and empowering Richmond residents.  We must not return to the past when powerful corporations and developers, in cooperation with political machines, ran the city. 

This is why I am asking you to vote for two outstanding city council candidates:  Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez.

Jovanka has the vision to help unite all communities in Richmond.  As a youth counselor, she has experience using a team approach to help the troubled youth of our city.  As a Richmond Planning Commissioner and small business owner, she is knowledgable about the realities of doing business in Richmond.  She can help us enact the specific changes needed in city regulations and licenses to attract and retain businesses, and to promote smart, sustainable economic growth.

Eduardo, a recently retired teacher of 18 years, will bring to the council his deep understanding of the relationship of the schools to the community. As a cofounder of March4Education, Eduardo led hundreds of teachers, students, parents, and community members to Sacramento, saving the school district milllions of dollars. Eduardo's plan for using schools as community centers has generated widespread interest during this campaign. These community centers will integrate education into our neighborhoods, as parents, grandparents, and all members of the community gather to assist with tutoring and mentoring the children. The centers can also be used for adult education for lifelong learning. Schools as community centers can also provide a space for residents to become  active participants in community policing, a crime prevention model that has already shown that it can reduce crime and violence in the city.

Jovanka and Eduardo, like Vice Mayor Jeff Ritterman and me, do not accept campaign contributions from corporations or developers.  We think this is the first step to return control of politics back to Richmond residents.  Jovanka recently returned a $2000 check from a corporation. Our grassroots campaigns may lack the deep pockets for mass mailings that other candidates rely upon for name recognition.  In my experience, Richmond residents are more interested in commitment and vision than glossy brochures. 

Among the City Council candidates, Jovanka and Eduardo are unique in denouncing the smear campaigns of special interest groups and repudiating those that engage in such tactics.  Electing Jovanka and Eduardo to the City Council can help us demonstrate that Richmond voters are ready to restore truth and transparency to local elections.

Thank you for your commitment to building a Better Richmond.

Thank you for voting.


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