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Campaign Update #9
Message from Mayor McLaughlin
October 25, 2010

Dear Friends,

Just as we are Building a Better Richmond based on a foundation of democracy, fairness, and sustainable prosperity for all, my re-election campaign is built on truth, independence, and grassroots participation.  The people of Richmond deserve a political process based on the issues, not based on personal attacks and big money influence.  The power of ideas, values, and vision will always triumph over the power of greed.

Chevron is outdoing itself this campaign year by spending a million dollars trying to prevent my re-election as Mayor, and trying to prevent Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez from election to the City Council.  See Richmond Confidential article:

Do people count more than the influence of big money?  In Richmond, people do!  Defying conventional wisdom, we won campaigns in 2004, 2006, and 2008 with no corporate funding.  It is the people of Richmond that have made history.  We have proven we can make change.  We are re-inventing our City.  It is clear that those who oppose us have come up empty-handed on the issues, and they are lashing out with increasing desperation and malice.  I have unwavering faith in the decency and intelligence of Richmond voters to rise above electoral noise and decide for themselves who will best serve the community. 

Volunteers from every Richmond precinct have always been the lifeblood of our grassroots campaigns.  Please get involved in reaching out, neighbor to neighbor:

Be an active part of making history once more in Richmond!   E-mail, or call 510-412-2260.

It remains my deepest honor to serve the people of Richmond as Mayor.  We have accomplished so much in the last four years, and yet there remains much work to be done.  The road to community, economic and environmental health is long and hard, but we have demonstrated we can make change, adjust, redirect priorities, and re-invent our City. 

So, join me in keeping our focus on the extraordinary work we are doing.  We shall not be distracted by those who have no substance to offer.  Let us keep influencing a better Richmond together, knowing that our influence is determined by the quality of our being! 


Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

"Be content to stand in the light, and let the shadow fall where it will."  - Mary W. Stewart 


  Jovanka Beckles   Eduardo Martinez

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Gayle McLaughlin for Mayor 2010
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PO Box 5284,  Richmond, CA 94805
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