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June, 2008
Message from Mayor McLaughlin

Dear friends and supporters of building a Better Richmond,

We need your endorsement and help in two key 2008 efforts underway this electoral season:

Jovanka Beckles for City Council


“A Fair Share for Richmond” initiative

It is my great pleasure to support and endorse Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council this November!

Jovanka embodies the progressive community values and aspirations that we all hold dear and that are so very necessary for bringing about real change in Richmond.

Jovanka is working in the community every day, building grassroots organizing efforts and inspiring the progressive movement to come together in strength and unity.

As a member of the Economic Development Commission, the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), and my Advisory Environmental Justice and Environmental Health Task Force, as well as many other community groups, Jovanka has shown that she has the clarity, the strength and the courage to stay the course and advance a great vision for a better Richmond.

Jovanka looks into our past (local and national) to learn and educate our youth ( ). In this spirit she has initiated proclamations honoring African-American history events and lessons that I have brought before the City Council. She has also organized events, like the recent Women's Day celebration, that my office sponsored.

Jovanka knows that the job of the City Council is difficult. She shares with me the number one priority of city government in Richmond: Preventing violent crime in Richmond with jobs, youth programs and public safety.

Jovanka Beckles is both an educator and counselor of Richmond youth. She is also a small business owner, and she understands and advocates for both new and green economic development and social justice and employment for all.

Jovanka brings incredible personal experience to the public arena. As an African- American and Latina immigrant woman, Jovanka has a unique sensibility and an understanding of our communities' issues, strengths and challenges.

Simply put, Jovanka will make a GREAT councilmember!

Please endorse and contribute to Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council.

Send endorsements to:

Send contributions to: Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council PO Box 5299 Richmond CA 94805


And there is another effort underway that needs your support.

I refer to the citizen-initiated ballot measure that, if passed, will generate millions of dollars of sorely needed funds into our city's coffers. The campaign surrounding this initiative is aptly called:


I encourage you to endorse, support, contribute financially and get involved with this campaign. This initiative will require large manufacturers, like Chevron, to pay an increase in their business license fee.

Imagine a City of Richmond that can . . . train and employ thousands of youth open recreation centers and libraries every day and night repair all the streets and keep them fixed double or triple violence prevention outreach create beautiful common places in each neighborhood

A FAIR SHARE FOR RICHMOND will not increase non-manufacturing business fees, small business fees, or landlord fees.

Thanks to the over 5,000 Richmond registered voters who signed this initiative, A FAIR SHARE FOR RICHMOND will be on the ballot on November 4, 2008. It is FAIR, it is NEEDED, and it is long overdue!

Help spread the word about this by talking to your friends and neighbors.

Send your endorsement to

Send your contribution (every dollar helps!) to: A Fair Share For Richmond P.O. Box 5401 Richmond CA 94805

More information about this initiative can be accessed at the links below:

A Better Richmond is Possible!

Sincerely, Mayor McLaughlin

Dear Friends,

To display and appreciate the great talents of our Richmond youth, my office is pleased to sponsor another first for Richmond! On Saturday, June 28th, Richmond Youth will be Showin' Out!

This is an opportunity for Richmond teens to come together and empower themselves. Together, we advance, as always, to a better and a more enriching city! This event was organized by young people in the Richmond community, with the help of my office staff.

Please spread the word to teens in your neighborhood to come out for an afternoon of spoken word and live performances by local artists, as well as an open mic for all to participate. Admission is free, with food and refreshments provided.

Richmond Youth Showin' Out Lovonya DeJean Middle School Multipurpose Room June 28, 2008 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Sincerely, Mayor McLaughlin

"It is not possible for civilization to flow backward while there is youth in the world." --Helen Keller


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