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October, 2008
Message from Mayor McLaughlin

Dear Friends,

The time to transform Richmond with YOUR votes is here. Many of you have likely cast your absentee ballot already and many are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to cast your vote on November 4th. That is less than a week away.

YOUR opportunity is here to make a real difference in transforming politics for the betterment of all in Richmond.

I am recommending 3 candidates for Richmond City Council. We ABSOLUTELY need each and every one of these candidates to bring about the safe, healthy, and opportunity-laden city that we all want and need.

Please cast your vote in YOUR own interest by voting for:

Tom Butt Jovanka Beckles Jeff Ritterman

I am absolutely convinced that these candidates will win because I am absolutely convinced that the people of Richmond understand who stands for THEM.

And along with these progressive candidates, make sure you vote YES on Measure T.

We need the voices of Tom, Jovanka and Jeff....and we need the revenue that Measure T will bring into the city, predominantly from Chevron, to create job training, jobs, recreational activities, and fix our infrastructure. Be assured that Measure T will not impact small businesses nor will it impact over 99% of our Richmond businesses and it will not impact YOU. But Chevron will pay more and it's about time!

The Committee to Oppose Measure T (sponsored by none other than Chevron Corporation!) has raised 350,000 dollars to try to influence people with out and out lies. Well, they can spend all the money they want to spread their lies and smear campaigns, but they will never corrupt the good hearts and minds of the people of Richmond. Day in and day out I hear people say over and over again: it's time for Chevron to pay its fair share. While Chevron and it allies continue to flood our mailboxes with unbelievably deceitful mailers, I am confident that Richmond voters are far more politically savvy than to be taken in by any of this.

Let us look to victory on November 4th as we toss the lies and deceits into the trash can once and for all.

And do check out the latest newsletter from the Ritterman, Beckles, and Measure T campaigns here:

And while you are at the ballot box, I ask that you also vote for Charles T. Smith for EBMUD Director. Charles is long-time Richmond activist and is part of the Measure T campaign and will fight hard for "fairness" on the EBMUD Board.

Looking forward in unity with all of you to a better Richmond!

Sincerely, Gayle McLaughlin

Dear Friends,

Autumn is beginning to unfold around us and it is turning out to be both an intensely sad time, but also a time of celebration for Richmond.

Sadly, we have just experienced the loss of a dedicated and highly-regarded police officer, Officer Moody, and my deepest condolences go out to the family, friends, and fellow officers of Officer Moody. Please take a moment to read a memorial message from Police Chief Chris Magnus here:

Another loss, occurring just a few weeks ago, was a loss that I personally feel very deeply. I was honored and humbled to be among the many friends of lifelong social justice activist, Peter Miguel Camejo, who lost his struggle with cancer on September 13, 2008, at the age of 68. Much has already been been written in tribute to this great leader for progressive change and much more will be written. The mark he left is indelible and generations to come will be influenced by his life and his great spirit. Peter was an enthusiastic supporter of our "better Richmond" and he referred to our electoral success as "the Richmond miracle." In Peter's memory and with the support of the wonderful people of Richmond, our miracle is sure to blossom further.

Mourn we must at this time, but this is also a time to celebrate. The month of October brings with it an honoring and celebration of the arts and humanities. It is my belief that it is our human creativity, with its depth of mystery, that makes life an exhilarating journey. We honor in October all creative pursuits, particularly those that take our human emotions to new levels and help us realize our commonalities with each other. With that in mind, the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission invites you to attend their annual . . .

Celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month

When: Saturday, October 18, 2008 Time: 12 noon to 5 pm Where: Richmond High School Theater, 1250 23rd St (@ Maricopa) in Richmond

Check out the beautiful flyer here:

Also on October 18 (between 10 a.m and 3 pm), please stop by the grand opening of RYSE center at 205 41st St. in Richmond. Come out and celebrate the vision and leadership of West County's young people in creating a space for and by youth!

Thank you all for continuing to bring Richmond's great hopes and dreams into fruition.

A better Richmond is possible!

Sincerely, Gayle McLaughlin

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