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Juneteenth - Mayor Gayle with Jalen

In the last 10 years since I've been in elected office, Richmond has undergone a remarkable transformation. We have garnered national attention as a city brave enough to take bold and innovative approaches to chronic problems. Together, we can feel proud to recognize the good results we have achieved as a community:

  • Homicide rates have been cut by 66 percent
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab chose Richmond for its second campus
  • Chevron was pressured into agreeing to a $114 million tax settlement
  • The City’s community survey shows residents are experiencing increased quality of life and City services.

Even as we recognize very good results, we know the work of achieving a “Better Richmond” has just begun.

I am deeply committed to this transformational work. Term limits prevent me from running for Mayor again, so I have decided to run for City Council in 2014! I'm asking the voters of Richmond to give me a chance to continue the work of building a better Richmond and defending Richmond residents from the attacks by Chevron, Wall Street, and all those who put profit over people. It is clear that Chevron wants to take back our gains, and I have been committed to Richmond for too long to let it happen. I have decided to stay in the electoral arena and fight for Richmond.

I am proud to be running as part of Team Richmond, a group of trusted colleagues dedicated to progressive policies and initiatives focused on sustainable growth, community health, income equity, and clean energy.

Team Richmond
Eduardo Martinez for Richmond City Council, Mike Parker for Richmond Mayor,
Gayle McLaughlin for Richmond City Council and Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council

If you care about our city…
If you support the positive steps we’ve taken in the last decade…
If you want to help define Richmond’s destiny…
If you want to counter the outsized influence of corporations, developers, and other entrenched special interests on the democratic process…
Join us!
We welcome your participation in our campaign and in the continuing work of
Building a Better Richmond!

Contact Information:

Gayle McLaughlin for Richmond City Council
PO Box 5284
Richmond CA 94805
Phone: (510) 237-1456
Email: GayleForCouncil@gmail.com
A Better Richmond is Possible!
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Gayle McLaughlin
for City Council
PO Box 5284

Richmond, CA 94805
(510) 237-1456

Gayle McLaughlin for City Council
PO Box 5284, Richmond, CA 94805

(510) 237-1456   •  GayleForCouncil@gmail.com
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