Re-elect Mayor Gayle McLaughlin Re-elect Mayor Gayle McLaughlin
Gayle McLaughlin
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Re-elect Mayor Gayle McLaughlin
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Contribute money
Political campaigns are expensive. Gayle has won two elections (Council in 2004 and Mayor in 2006) and never taken a dime from any corporation for her campaigns, not because there aren't good responsible corporations out there, but because corporations have too much influence in our political life and Gayle takes a firm stand for the power of real people. This is even more important now after the recent Supreme Court decision that basically removed limits in how much money corporations can spend to influence elections. It takes money to get out our message, follow up. With your financial support our values and ideas can be presented to the voters. Click the Donate button above to contribute.
Friends talking to friends, neighbors talking to neighbors, you talking to your friends and lending your skills to our campaign is what will make this campaign a success. Volunteer in the capacity that works for you. Gayle is looking forward to working with you to make real change in our community.
This campaign is not just about re-electing Gayle, it is about affirming ourselves as participating citizens, defending the democratic process and educating our neighbors about the Richmond we want and how to get it. This takes volunteering. Join us!
E-mail us at
Call our campaign headquarters at (510) 237-1456

Help us spread the word about Gayle's Re-Election!
Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about why Gayle should be re-elected Mayor of Richmond, to continue walking together the positive towards a Better Richmond. Ask us to send postcards about Gayle to your friends. Expanding our grassroots support is a critical part of both re-electing Gayle and educating our neighbors about  the vision and the steps taken under Gayle leadership. 

Send a Letter to the Editor
Gayle believes it is every citizen's right and responsibility to have his or her voice heard! (200 words or less recommended)

West County Times
San Francisco Chronicle  Richmond Globe 

Host a House Party
Our House Party program is a fun and easy way to help generate resources for Gayle's campaign, and introduce our Mayor to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Please call our campaign office at (510) 237-1456 or e-mail us at to find out about hosting a House Party of your own.
Show Your Support, Display a Sign
Show your support for Gayle by displaying a window or yard sign. Call our campaign headquarters at (510) 237-1456 ( we deliver).
Or e-mail us at , or stop by the office at 317 11th Street in Richmond to pick up your yard sign today - please call us first.

Endorse Mayor Gayle 
(Please include full name & city of residence)

Email endorsement to
The people of Richmond influence the people of Richmond. We are in many ways a small community in which the recommendation of visible people like you influences others. Please send Gayle a line of encouragement and your endorsement so we can tell others that you are one of her supporters. This endorsement is a tremendous help and will allow us to show how strong and diverse our local movement for change and a Better Richmond is.

Spread the word, Invite friends, Raise Money
As Mayor, Gayle has been everywhere in Richmond, supporting, listening, honoring and encouraging individuals, groups and organizations. As a candidate for re-election she will be glad to meet with any organizations wanting to meet with her. 
Do you know people and organizations which would like to invite Gayle for a meeting?
Send an email to the campaign with their names and contact information. Let us know if you will help set a meeting up between Gayle and your organization.
Thank you.

Give us your opinion ~ E-mail us at Your ideas on the issues, your priorities, are important to Gayle.  Please take a few minutes to tell Gayle what you think about issues in our City and in your neighborhood.
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Register to Vote

Remember - You must register by October 18, 2010 to vote on November 2, 2010!

First visit : Contra Costa County Elctions Department Website with Useful Information

Find My Polling Place - If you live in Contra Costa County, you can find your polling place HERE

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Gayle McLaughlin for City Council
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