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May 12, 2010

Chevron and Richmond kiss, make up, and think with new agreement

Last week this blogger wrote that Chevron and Richmond needed to "kiss, make up, and think. Well, it seems all the time both parties were doing just that.

Communications from the Richmond Progressive Alliance and from Chevron report the completion of an amicable agreement that stops the chance that Richmond will lose millions due to a June ballot measure that looked like it was going to pass, and Chevron stopped paying out $15 million more than it had annually given to the City of Richmond.

The Chevron press release neatly bullet-points the resolved issues:

- Chevron will pay an additional $114 million to The City of Richmond over the next 14 years.

- The City of Richmond will stop its ballot measure to change the Utility Tax and Chevron will remove its proposal.

- The City of Richmond will drop its appeal of the Measure T Ballot measure, which was ruled unconstitutional.

- Chevron would wave $1.2 million it sought from the City related to Measure T.

- Chevron will make community contributions totaling $8 million.

This ends the waring between groups and at times people in Richmond. Now, Richmond will have its largest employer remain and is able to focus on the huge problems of crime and education.

A great job by both the Mayor of Richmond and Chevron Refinery Manager Mike Coyle. It also helps Mayor Gayle McLaughlin case as shes's up for reeelection this fall.

Richmond should use this opportunity to mend fences with Chevron over its renewal project. Clean air, more than a 1,000 jobs are at stake and the City should take the leadership position to support Chevron to get the project moving forward. It's good for the environment, for working men and women of labor and for the City of Richmond.

Stay tuned.

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