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November 18, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Richmond Council Revokes Chevron’s Self-Inspection
The Richmond City Council voted to repeal an ordinance that since 1992 has allowed Chevron to inspect its own projects with little independent oversight. Gayle McLaughlin cited Chevron’s circumvention of the city’s labor code and the California Environmental Quality Act.

November 4, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Arrests Follow as Demonstrators Protest Non-Union Labor at Richmond Refinery
A demonstration outside Richmond’s ChevronTexaco refinery gates ended in two arrests and conflicting reports. The pickets, including both union members and community activists, were protesting the arrival of a large contingent of newly hired out-of-state non-union workers.

October 27, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Voters to Consider Sales Tax Increase
On Nov. 8, Richmond voters will consider another half-cent hike in sales tax to help stabilize the city's budget. Gayle McLaughlin, who opposed the measure, said increasing the sales tax would be an additional burden on working families while being a million-dollar tax breaks to Chevron.

October 26–November 1, 2005, Richmond Globe:
Richmond Needs Fuel to Rise Above Violence
Mayor Anderson organized a conference on violence prevention on October 15. The title of the conference "Richmond Rises Above the Violence" is a good proposition, but it lacks reality. Gayle explains why in an article that presents her views on the realities of this problem.

October 18, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Park District Aims to Save Richmond Marsh
Residents opposed to building 1,000 homes on 238 acres of Breuner Marsh are looking to the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) to save this open space. Senior park staff recommended adding it to adjacent Point Pinole Park to preserve this critical habitat.

September 12, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
McLaughlin Opposes Tax Hike

The August 30 Times article failed to mention I'm the only Richmond council member who disagrees with the Richmond tax hike ballot measure. Another increase would put our local businesses into unfair competition with neighboring cities. Furthermore, it's a regressive tax.

July 24, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
McLaughlin Proves a Pragmatist
Her strong November showing stunned Richmond's political establishment, but since Green Party candidate Gayle McLaughlin joined the City Council, she has earned respect, even from some who saw her as an ideologue ill-suited for the tedious work that elective office requires.

July 13, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Richmond City Council Fills Seat Vacated by Penn
The Richmond City Council voted newcomer Tony Thurmond into the seat vacated last month by Mindell Penn. Gayle McLaughlin and a diverse lineup of speakers urged the council to vote for Soto, who just missed winning a council seat in the November 2005 elections.

July 12, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Campus Bay Toxics Advisory Panel to Cover Field Station, Other Sites
After a stormy beginning, the first gathering of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) said that they want a bigger role. CAG members were selected to advise the state Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) on toxic waste issues at Richmond’s Campus Bay.

June 25, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Roots of Richmond Violence Run Deep
In a Guest Commentary, Gayle McLaughlin responds to the the call for a “state of emergency” by two councilmembers who want a larger police presence to solve the ongoing violence problem. Gayle explains the roots of this violence, calling for work on the causes, not the symptoms.

May 14, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Casino at Point Molate is a Losing Bet for Richmond
In a Guest Commentary, Gayle McLaughlin responds to the April 30 Times commentary by Richmond Mayor Irma Anderson titled, "The Future of Point Molate is the Future of Richmond." Gayle rebuts the mayor comments and looks at reality and the real effects of urban gambling.

April 29, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Beef Up Inspections
The Richmond City Council is considering changes to its rental property inspection program that could give it money and staff. Councilwoman Gayle McLaughlin is correct in saying the issues in the "Just Cause Eviction" ordinance must be considered in conjunction with this program.

April 4, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Point Molate Casino Foes, Fans Testify At Hearing
Foes and fans of a Berkeley developer’s plans for a casino resort pleaded their cases before federal and Richmond officials in a scoping session to gather concerns to be addressed in deciding if Point Molate should become a tribal reservation eligible for Indian gaming.

Winter 2005, Terrain (Ecology Center Quarterly):
Ravaged Roost
A new high-rise apartments on an 85-acre parcel between I-580 and the San Francisco Bay Trail might rest on a cap intended to seal off toxins while the cleanup could threaten people and wildlife, including the endangered California clapper rail.

March 19, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Request Rejected to Keep Bills a Secret
Since Richmond voters hiked their utility user tax to 10 percent, critics have claimed ChevronTexaco has not been paying its fair share. Councilwoman Viramontes asked the council to keep the company's record of its taxable energy use a secret.

March 10, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Richmond Changes its Policies
The Richmond City Council approved increasing council committees to four members and to give them the power to select their own leaders. The council also voted meet twice a month rather than weekly.

March 9, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
City Asked to Review, then Raze
When Zeneca Corp. leveled 40 buildings on what would become the Campus Bay site, clouds of toxic dust billowed into the air, settling on roads, buildings and autos downwind. Over 30 residents plead with the Richmond City Council for an environmental review.

March 4, 2005, Berkeley Daily Planet:
Richmond Council Asks State to Change Oversight at Two Toxic Sites
Backed by a coalition of activists and endorsed by their county’s leading public health official, Richmond City Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin’s call for a change in oversight at two toxics-contaminated shoreline sites won the unanimous endorsement of her colleagues.

March 3, 2005, Contra Costa Times:
Richmond Chimes in on Cleanup of Toxic Site
The Richmond City Council has added its voice to those asking the state for tighter control of a toxic cleanup at the former Stauffer Chemical site and the neighboring UC Field Station.

February–March, 2005 Issue, San Francisco Sierra Club Yodeler:
Election Follow-up: the Greening of Richmond
The Sierra Club printed an article by Gayle on her November election to the Richmond City Council, thanks to the grass-roots support of environmental and social-justice organizations

December 2, 2004, Daily Journal:
Critics Protest Proposed Deal With Chevron Over Pollution
Environmentalists say the pact would do little to better air quality and clear the company for its violations.

November 16 , 2004, Berkeley Daily Planet (Editorial):
Richmond Takes A Piece of Pie
We need to support new Richmond City Councilmember, and her colleagues in the Richmond Progressive Alliance, in their goal of cleaning up the finances of the city of Richmond so that short-term sell-offs of precious resources, like Point Molate, this aren’t a temptation.

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