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About the Richmond Progressive Alliance

We are an organization of community activists

We believe that what people do is more important than what they say.

RPA members organized and campaigned for Measure T which won in 2008 requiring Chevron to pay its fair share in Business License fee, even though we were outspent by corporations $10 to $1. This campaign ultimately lead to Chevron making settlement payments.

In 2010 we actively campaigned for a NO vote on the Pt. Molate Casino ballot measure. Nearly 60% voted NO. We also reelected our Mayor and elected another Council member. Again we were outspent by huge margins. Chevron alone directly contributed more than $1 million to defeat us. The police and fire unions spent a small fortune on a smear campaign that reached new lows in content and oversized posters.

Since 2004 we have actively campaigned for candidates Andres Soto, Gayle McLaughlin, Jeff Ritterman, Eduardo Martinez, and Jovanka Beckles. Win or lose, these campaigns have shown integrity and have helped educate Richmond citizens about critical political and social issues facing Richmond. When we win elections, the RPA movement becomes the political base for progressive officeholders committed to serving the movement and not the corporations.

As important as elections are, we must act between elections on the issues facing us. It is between elections that corporations and entrenched interests have the most influence in bending government to their way.

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Jovanka Andres
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Our members and supporters are active on city commissions, neighborhood councils, and community organizations. We promote programs to reduce crime in the city. We search for ways to bring jobs – particularly green jobs to Richmond. We participate in the campaigns to prevent this area from becoming a casino strip mall. We support efforts to preserve the shoreline, build bike trails, and develop community gardens.

Int Women's Day

We mobilize for immigrant rights, opposing ICE raids and police checkpoints that target immigrant communities. We strongly support Richmond’s teachers and students in the struggle for quality education and youth organizations. We are active in coalitions for climate justice and reduction of greenhouse gases and other toxins.

We speak at City Council meetings; we publish a newsletter to help make activists more effective; we hold workshops for people who want to learn skills to become better organizers and leaders. We debate and discuss ideas and try to develop a vision of Richmond that can make us proud.

No Checkpoints

Our Core Beliefs

One Richmond.. A better Richmond is possible only when we work together to unify the different populations that make up our diverse city. We need to end the policies that pit the Latino/a community against African-Americans against Asians against whites. We need a united community effort to take on the problems of crime, violence, economic inequality, and decaying infrastructure that are the results of political policies at the state and national level combined with globalization.


Democracy is about people, not corporations. Corporations have too much power in our society. In all our activities and campaigns we refuse contributions from large corporations and try to answer their power with the voluntary activity of large numbers of people. These ideas have taken on greater importance with the growth of the right-wing and the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow corporations to make unlimited political contributions.

Democracy is about the public making the important decisions and ending the back room politics of corporations using their power, pulling strings, or buying support through contributions.

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Diversity and respect for each other's ideas. We don’t all agree on every issue and invite discussion in our newsletter. We are registered as Democrats, Greens, independents, and in other parties. But we do agree on the need to build a strong progressive movement in Richmond where people support each other. UUT
Join Us. You don’t have to join the RPA to receive our newsletter. But if you are in agreement with our core beliefs and support out work, we welcome your membership. Dues for the RPA are $12 /year minimum. Those who can not afford even this and wish to work on RPA projects can have dues waived. With the recent Supreme Court ruling on corporate contributions, more than ever we need large numbers of personal contributions to meet the new challenges. Please send us this info by email to info@RichmondProgressiveAlliance.net Banner

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