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What can you do to make a difference?

We are a volunteer movement. That means we depend on lots of people doing lots of different things to make it all work together. Some people like going out and talking to neighbors. Others prefer working with a computer.

Here are some of the areas where we know we need help. But we will eagerly try to use any talent and time you have to offer. We can’t pay cash but we can offer you the opportunity to work with other interesting, dedicated, people and the chance to really make a difference in our community.

We do the work of the RPA mainly through committees. Here are our current committees. We invite you to join one or several and help to create a Better Richmond. Please contact the Committee Convenor at the email listed.


Richmond Progressive Arts Committee
(Gayle McLaughlin, (Gayle@MayorGayle.net)
The Richmond Progressive Arts Committee is an organized effort of progressive artists and arts advocates committed to providing enriching artistic experience within our city.  We place special emphasis on those artistic endeavors that help empower our urban community, and provide pathways to utilizing the arts for local jobs creation and enhancement of Richmond’s sustainable economy efforts.

Climate Justice/Environment
(Margaret Jordan, mjordan00@gmail.com, 510-412-3673)
Climate warming is one of the most pressing issues we are facing. The Climate Justice Committee will coordinate the RPA’s work with climate justice/environmental organizations that work in Richmond. We plan to collaborate and contribute to the development of Richmond’s “Energy and Climate Element” and “Climate Action Plan.” We will explore other initiatives including the possibility of bringing Community Energy Aggregation to Richmond as well as issues related to transportation justice. We will participate in activities and campaigns to educate, engage and motivate Richmond residents to take measures to stop climate warming.

Green Campus Jobs Committee
(Jeff Ritterman, jeffritterman@yahoo.com )
Economic development remains a top priority in Richmond. California's "Green Economy" promises to be where the jobs of the future will be. How do we position Richmond to build that economy locally and how do we create training and employment opportunities in the new Green Economy to help to provide full local employment. This committee will work to promote a Green Campus in Richmond to provide jobs and training. We envision a Green Exploratorium (Greenatorium) to help prepare our youth for the green tech jobs of the future.

Recreation Committee
 (Juan Reardon, juanreardon@sbc.global.net)
The RPA "Athletic Fields" Committee will work in a coalition with interested organizations and individuals to secure sufficient and adequate quality athletic fields to serve the sports needs of Richmond residents.

Office Committee
(Mike Parker, mparker@rts-tech.com, 510-412-3673)
The Office Committee will focus on the organizational needs of the RPA, maintaining an office, database, newsletter, web site, Facebook, etc.

Worker Owned Co-op Committee
(Marilyn Langlois, langlois-rine@comcast.net)
The Coop Committee, in coordination with the Mayor's office, will explore ways to promote the establishment of worker owned cooperatives as a worker empowerment-based strategy of economic development and job creation in Richmond.

 RPA Culture of Peace Committee
(Vivien Feyer, vivfeyer@gmail.com )
How do we effectively create a culture of peace in Richmond, where conflict exists on so many levels? This Committee’s work will move beyond traditional models of violence prevention to explore possibilities for a larger transformation. Our focus will be on promoting understanding, improving communication and enhancing partnerships– within the Progressive community, within our neighborhoods, within our schools – and across borders of every kind. We will co-ordinate RPA’s work with that of the city’s official Human Rights and Human Relations Commission , with the many groups now working on violence prevention in Richmond, and with groups and individuals outside of the city that can offer us ideas, trainings and partnerships. Richmond was just rated the sixth most dangerous city in the nation, outstanding in violent crime. Imagine the model that we will create for the larger world as we successfully transform this!

 Education Committee
(Eduardo Martinez, ezedmartin@yahoo.com)
The Education Committee will investigate ways to turn public schools into community centers to address the needs of each individual neighborhood by holding conversations with communities to find their needs and acting as liaison with community, city, and school district to fashion community center models to be implemented one school at a time if not faster.

Reduce Homelessness Committee
(Yvonne Nair,   yvonnenair@comcast.net, (510) 275-9594)
The RPA Subcommittee to Reduce Homelessness identifies, reports, and helps implement effective, sustainable solutions to reduce homelessness in Richmond, focusing first on ways and means to increase the legitimate employment of the city's homeless. Meetings of the RPA Subcommittee to Reduce Homelessness take place every third Saturday each month at 1:00 p.m.

 Pt Molate Committee
(Andres Soto, adcsoto@hotmail.com)
The Pt. Molate Committee has two tasks. First is to continue the campaign against a Casino at Pt. Molate. The November vote was only advisory and it is clear that the developers are not stopping their push. Second is to work with other Richmond groups to help encourage alternative uses for Pt. Molate that would benefit the people of Richmond and protect the environment.