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ISSUES | Crime / Creating a Culture of Peace


Recent News Shows Positive Results from Community Policing

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to share with you some encouraging news. Our collective work, as a community and as a City, in reducing crime is showing positive results.

Two recent media reports highlight Richmond's progress.

On July 30, KTVU-Channel 2 television news aired a report about Richmond's dramatic drop in violent crime, noting a 10% decrease overall and a 22% decline in the Central District. Homicides have dropped 60% so far in 2010, and gunshots are down 37% Click here for KTVU.

On July 26, the Contra Costa Times chronicled the significant drop in violence within the Parchester Village neighborhood, a turnaround due in large part to community-oriented policing. Click here for story

We can all feel proud and hopeful by these inroads, hard won by collaborative work by the enlarged and enhanced Richmond Police Department, local community and neighborhood groups, and many dedicated individuals working on the frontlines.

As we highlight these positive trends, we must also redouble our efforts to fight crime as we build a better Richmond. One gunshot is too many; a single homicide is unacceptable.

{he letter urged participation in "National Night Out" events on August 3rd. The event was an outstanding success with hundreds of people particiapting in neighborhood activities.--ed}


Mayor Gayle McLaughlin 8/1/10