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ISSUES | Casino and Point Molate

April 5  Pt. Molate Casino Voted DOWN

This is What Democracy Looks Like!

Democracy at WorkAfter a long meeting on Tuesday April 5, the Richmond City Council voted 5 to 2 to "discontinue" consideration of a Casino at Pt. Molate. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin made a 12 point motion, seconded by Jovanka Beckles and backed by Corky Booze, Jeff Ritterman and Tom Butt, ending consideration of the Casino. Jim Rogers and Nat Bates voted against the motion.

The Council then recessed to allow the staff time to redraft the motion as an official resolution and came back together to pass the resolution by the same vote.

Click here for text of final resolution .

Where Things Are:

Under the terms of the Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) of 2004 between Upstream (Developers) and the City Council, Upstream has up to 120 days to rework its plans for the area for a project that does not include a Casino. If Upstream does not come up with a satisfactory non-Casino plan then Richmond can actively entertain other plans.


In reality,  Upstream may make a number of attempts, including legal maneuvers, to reverse the Council decision. By the Tuesday meeting, the developer was busy attempting to buy support with promises to almost every group that had an interest in the issue. Promises were made to protect employees and patrons from second-hand smoke, pay for a bicycle path, and buy video equipment for the Richmond Auditorium.  So we have to continue to be vigilant.


Democracy in Action:

The battle against the Casino at Pt. Molate is an inspirational case of democracy in action. Six years ago the city council overwhelmingly supported the Casino. As late as a year ago pundits pronounced opposition to the Casino so weak that it seemed like a sure thing. The developer had enough money  to hire PR forces, pay community members to create a pretense of community support, and offer huge sums to environmental groups like the Sierra Club, and Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP). They even tried to present themselves as the "hometown team" defending Richmond against the "outside" Casinos and Card Clubs which only cared about killing potential competition.


Thank you to the Community

Outside the AuditoriumThis developer strategy failed because most of the opponents of the Casino could not be bought. Hundreds of people took their own time last November to campaign against the Casino. They sent council members a record number of e-mails opposing the Casino and came out to speak against the Casino at numerous meetings including this last one. All were doing it because they cared for the community and understood what a threat the Casino would be to the future of Richmond and its ability to attract good jobs and improve conditions in the community. They made brilliant, heart-felt, thoughtful statements that compared well to the a statements of paid staff of organizations with a financial interest in the Casino.


The RPA thanks every person who made a contribution of time, money, and spirit to this remarkable effort.


Click here to watch the testimony and proceedings at the Council meeting.


This struggle in Richmond follows in the tradition of the civil rights movement, the uprising in Egypt and the struggle in Wisconsin--people understanding that only by putting in the time, organizing and standing together can we retake some control over our lives and our futures.


As the chant goes: This is What Democracy Looks Like!



top photo from Richmond Confidential

Casino CartoonApril 5  Decision Day

NO on Casino!

At its meeting on Tuesday, April 5th,  6:30,  the City Council will vote on the Casino Project and deal a hopefully fatal blow to this project which threatens Richmond. Even when, as we expect, the Council votes down the Casino, it is possible that the developers will try to go to court to insist on a project rejected by the community. That is why we need to be out in great numbers to show the developers, the courts, the media, and anyone else that this community really means NO!

You can make a difference.

1.  Come to the City Council Meeting

The Council meeting will be moved to the Richmond Auditorium to accommodate the large crowds. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 but we will be gathering at 6:00 to prepare ourselves, exchange information and sign up to speak.
  • Sign up to speak on the issue. You must fill out a simple slip available at the meeting and turn it in to the city clerk BEFORE this item on the agenda begins.  
  • Hold up a sign at the meeting.  Bring your own or use one of the signs that will be available there

2.  Send Emails to the City Council 

There are a couple of council people who still don't get it that the community has said no. "The November vote was only advisory," they say. 

But it helps to send your emails to  all members of the council. Those members who are opposed to the Casino can use your email  to demonstrate the backing for the position of the council.


The best email is one that you write yourself and provides arguments about why the casino should be rejected. You can give arguments about the impact of a Casino, alternative uses of Pt. Molate, or the fact that the Richmond community has clearly said no by their decisive  vote on Measure U and election of candidates who stood firmly against the Casino. But even just a short email that says 'I expect you to vote against the Casino' with your name and Richmond address is effective.


You can send your email to this email address  citycouncil@intres.com  and it will be forwarded to each city council person separately.
Or you can write to city council members individually: 

3.  Help Phone Other Richmond Residents

The RPA is organizing phone banks  for Thurday 3/31, and Monday 4/4 from 6 pm to 8:30.  We need your help.  Please  bring your cell phone and charger.  We will provide lists, notes, snacks and a lot of good feeling.

EIR Vote is NOT Vote on Casino

Statement by Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

Many of you are aware that the City Council voted to certify the Pt. Molate Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) on Tuesday night.   I want to start out by saying clearly that this was NOT a vote on the casino.   It was a vote to certify an EIR.   Certifying an EIR is distinct from approving a project.   I stated this at the Council meeting, and I am stating it again now.

Vice Mayor Tom Butt addressed many of the problems with the FEIR and offered modifications.   I felt strongly that his suggested modifications had merit.   Our staff had some concerns with some of Tom’s suggestions, and offered an alternative set of modifications.  Councilmembers Ritterman, Beckles, Booze and Rogers felt that staff’s point of view was more in line with their thinking, and thus cast a majority vote to certify the FEIR.  I chose to vote against this certification because it didn’t include insertions suggested by Tom Butt that I felt were important to strengthen this environmental document.

So, while disagreements on this document emerged, it’s important to remember that no one on Tuesday night cast a vote FOR or AGAINST a casino.   The matter at hand was the certification process of the environmental impact report, and there were differences on how to approach this. 

None of us should fear our differences.  As we move forward, we will find many such differences.  It will be incumbent on each of us to learn how to evaluate such disagreements.   In my view, the disagreement on the FEIR is not as significant as disagreements regarding the issue of whether to allow a casino to be built at Pt Molate.   It is the responsibility of the new City Council to take up the casino issue, and we shall indeed do so at our April 5 meeting.   I urge the public to come out on April 5th and sign up to speak on the item.
I ask my colleagues on the City Council to use insight and patience to endure our differences regarding the FEIR, as we prepare to come together on another day to bring resolution to this very important matter concerning a casino at Pt. Molate.

Gayle McLaughlin
Mayor, City of Richmond

Confusion and Tempers at City Council Meeting

Council Narrowly Certifies Pt Molate FEIR 

No CasinoThe City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report for several different possible developments of Point Molate, on Tuesday March 8th. The long hearing included requests to speak by 46 people examining all aspects of the FEIR.

The council was clearly caught in a procedure and contract with the developer adopted by the previous pro-Casino council. The whole council seemed to agree that they wanted the EIR to be certified with changes even if slightly flawed so they could move on in the process.  The council would have the opportunity to vote directly on the Casino project in a month or so  after the EIR passed.

It was clear that council members wanted to make major changes in the EIR, but were also guided by wanting to avoid situations that improved the developer's ability to sue the city.  Unfortunately there was not agreement about how significant changes could be without crossing the legal line.

Late in the meeting the Council recessed to closed session to discuss some of these questions.  When they came back into open session, Tom Butt lost his temper complaining that the rest of the council had been intimidated by the lawyers.  He then said that he would vote for the Casino and stormed out. (Hopefully he will reconsider after a night's sleep and apologize-His contributions to the council were obvious to all earlier in the meeting.)  

The amendments covered many issues.  Particularly critical  was the TRAC proposal that the developer be required to cover 95%of the Bay Trail costs.  The proposal adopted after the closed session consult  only required "fair share" payment.

Other amendments covered cost of sewage treatment,  native plants, smoking, and traffic. Several stronger amendments on these subjects ("Errata B" ) were rejected by the council apparently because of concerns about  liability issues.

Mayor McLaughlin amended the EIR with numerous studies detailing the negative social and economic impact of gambling.

The vote on the EIR as amended was passed by the Council (Beckles, Booze, Ritterman, and Rogers in favor, McLaughlin opposed, Butt and Bates absent).

Many members of the RPA  and the community who spoke from the floor at the hearing felt the EIR, even as amended by the Council,  was inadequate or clearly flawed on a number of points including  the issues of crime, economic and social impact, and traffic.  However we understood that pressing for major changes in the FEIR could legally result in extending the "approval process" with another round of comment.  We prefer the process keep moving to the next steps --probably in April-- where the council has the opportunity to vote directly on whether or not to have a Casino.

The RPA has consistently and strongly opposed the Casino and urges all Richmond residents to stand together to finally bury this Casino and move on to building something positive for Richmond.

 --Mike Parker

Who has all the cookies?
A Wall Street billionaire, a unionized public employee, and a Tea Party member are sitting at a table eyeing a huge plate piled high with a thousand delicious cookies. The financier reaches across and takes 999 cookies, looks at the tea partier and says, "Watch out for that union guy. He wants your cookie."

CCTimes Click here to view full article

Let our voices be heard:

NO CASINO at Point Molate

A Casino Will Not Be Good For Richmond—

  • A casino will bring more crime to the Richmond area. The prostitution, loan- sharking, illegal gambling, and drugs that are part of a Las Vegas type casino scene are not at the casino itself - they will spread into the surrounding areas. Check it out - just go off the strip in Las Vegas. It will cost the city far more to deal with crime and social problems than it will get in payments from the Casino.

  • Studies have shown that most of the gambling money at the Casino will come from the local community and leave the area, hurting local businesses.

  • There is no provision to handle the traffic that the Casino will bring. The Point Molate entrance on the freeway is already dangerous and there is no good passage for traffic to and from Marin except for dangerous U-turns.

  • A casino will require Richmond forever ceding this land and losing all control over it. On numerous issues Tribal laws will supersede State and Federal laws. The proposed agreement for example gives the Tribe the right to override any local hiring agreement.

  • The casino proposal delays good jobs for Richmond. Years will be spent dealing with government regulations, competing claims by Indian tribes and lawsuits challenging the project. Development of alternative plans that could be on line and employ Richmond workers more quickly will be delayed. The Casino will make Richmond less attractive for other businesses to locate in Richmond

  • Casinos do not provide good environments or models for raising children.

There ARE Alternative Plans for Point Molate

  • Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate has developed initial plans and is moving to the next level with  alternatives which include conference, educational, nature, and training centers as well as facilities for  children, artist workshops, and support for equestrian programs, fishing and hiking.

  • Tom Butt  and East Bay Park District have submitted proposals that would preserve the area and provide for development without the Casino, Architect Darrell Caraway  has submitted an alternative plan which replaces the Casino with an Interpretive Center.

The initial funding for the Casino collapsed when Harrah’s pulled out and we are left with vague promises for the current casino.  Funding for alternatives will be developed by a combination of public agencies and private developers.

We are not locked into a Casino yet.  In fact, as a result of court action the city is obligated to “inform the public” that it retains full power to decide whether to have a Casino and who the developer should be.

We could be hearing about these alternate plans now. However, a maneuver to save the casino led by council members Viramontes and Bates extended Upstream’s Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) for 11 months, and blocked consideration of other proposals on a level playing field.
Let your voice be heard. Vote No on Measure U!  No on the Casino!

If you want to be sure there is no Casino you must elect candidates who oppose the Casino and will support alternatives—candidates who do not accept developer contributions.



Vote No

Casino Supporters Lose in Court

"Casino developers too often make outrageous claims to win community approval. Raising false hopes about local hiring with empty promises is an insult to Richmond workers."

-Gayle McLaughlin, one of the signees of the argument agaisnt Measure U, and Mayor of Richmond [for ID purposes only]


Opponents of a casino at Pt. Molate won an important court victory Monday August 30.

Measure U on the November Ballot asks whether Richmond voters favor a Casino on Pt Molate. (The vote is advisory only). Both supporters and opponents of the Casino filed arguments to be printed in the official ballot guide all voters receive. In an attempt to get the upper hand and intimidate opponents with threats of monetary penalties Don Gosney, sued the signers of the NO argument. Gosney, an open casino supporter and building trades operative in Richmond claimed the phrases, "no guarantees of jobs for Richmond residents" and "low wage jobs" in our ballot arguments were false and misleading.

Contra Costa Superior Court Judge Barry Baskin, after hearing arguments from both sides and reviewing the evidence, denied Gosney's petition and ordered our original written arguments to remain.

Signers of the ballot arguments sued by Gosney were Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Councilmember Jeff Ritterman, Andrés Soto, Rev. Ken Davis, and Citizens for a Sustainable Pt. Molate's Joan Garrett.

Gosney's key evidence were the unsigned "agreements." Gosney claimed the "First Source Agreement" and "Living Wage Ordinance agreement" mentioned in their proposed agreement proved the Guideville Pomos had agreed to guarantee 40% of jobs for Richmond Residents and 70% for Contra Costa residents and to pay a living wage of more than $15/ hr. Gosney also claimed the unsigned "agreements" were an indication that the Guideville Pomos "would" abide by these.

Our side showed that in addition to being unsigned, these agreements also contained numerous contract loopholes that rendered them meaningless. One loophole gives the tribe the right to hire tribal persons over any local hiring agreement and the tribe plans on calculating wages by including estimated tips as part of the workers' wages.

Judge Baskin gave Gosney's side a chance to rebut, but they could not. Judge Baskin had no choice but to deny Gosney's petition.

This victory is important because we now have an independent court decision saying the casino promoters cannot actually guarantee Richmonders casino construction or operational jobs with good wages. And this was in a case that the Casino promoters themselves chose and prepared.

-Andres Soto

Vote No on Measure U

Vote for Candidates willing to take a stand against the Casino

Gayle, Jovanka, Eduardo

Sham Hearing on Pt Molate Casino Alternatives

Point MolateRichmond is now going through the motions of soliciting alternative uses for Point Molate. A consultant ($50,000) is gathering and evaluating alternatives. Add to that the thousands of dollars for the salaries of city legal and administrative staffs. It is money wasted to cover the rear ends of city council people who back the casino project.

The reality of this solicitation process came through at the first workshop on Wednesday August 4.

Although the consultants were supposed to be soliciting alternative uses they made no provision for usable maps of the area. They made no arrangements for people to have access to the area. Instead they made clear that alternatives that would pass their preliminary qualifications had to show that they were "financially feasible", implying that any project had to be without city funds. As one person commented at the hearing, the criteria virtually excluded the most likely way that a large public purpose development can take place: initial seed money from public agencies working with private developers with a long term plan. Thus the process was wired so that only developer Upstream's Casino proposals would appear to pass financial tests. See the "idea" form presented at the meeting.

All proposals that were submitted would be passed on to Upstream and City staff before being submitted to the City Council. Any business plan for Point Molate that might be profitable, or at least financially feasible, or was just a good idea, would have to be submitted to Upstream for its possible use. The situation is roughly comparable to the city agreeing tentatively to accept Chrysler's bid for police cars, but telling people who like to see Ford cars considered as well, that Ford would have to submit its designs to Chrysler for consideration.

Why are we wasting city time and money on this charade? You can find the answer by watching the city council meeting of May 18.

The city did not have to extend the LDA. In fact Mayor McLaughlin had placed an item on the agenda to allow the city to begin to entertain alternative uses for Point Molate. But during the previous item on the agenda -extending the LDA for 2 months - council member Viramontes waited until public discussion was closed to make a long confusing amendment to extend the LDA for almost a year. It also created the illusion that the city was going to consider new alternatives by setting up the procedure that put Upstream in the driver's seat. Viramontes claims to oppose the casino but lately every one of her actions has been to smooth the road for it.

For more information on the issues concerning the Casino project at point Molate and alternatives see the Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate web site.

What you can do.

Richmond residents will have the opportunity to cast an advisory vote on whether we want a casino at Point Molate on November's ballot thanks to a motion at city council by Butt, Ritterman and McLaughlin. Most important is to make sure your neighbors understand what is really going on and vote against the Casino in November.

You can also write letters or call city council members and tell them that you want a process to consider alternative uses for Pt. Molate based on balanced criteria which includes traffic, social impact, and the environment and which allows other developers to present their own proposals.

There are Alternatives

Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate have been working on alternatives and ways of funding them. But the rules are rigged so that they can not be developed without being used by the Casino developers.

-Mike Parker