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Issue: #104February 19, 2012
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Chevron Fire Community Meeting
One Richmond?? Sorting Out the Groups
Eduardo Martinez: Best for Richmond
Mayor McLaughlin: State of City
Fusion Latina Co-op Opening Friday
Call Mr. Robeson
MLK Day Slide Show
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Community Meeting
The Chevron Fire,  OSHA Findings of Negligence, CSB  Findings on Causes

What should be done to make RChevron Fireichmond Safe?

Wednesday February 27, 
 6:30 pm

St. Marks Church Gym
Harbour Way at Bissell

Sponsored by a Collaborative  including
Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)
Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)
United Steelworkers (Chevron Workers)
Blue-Green Alliance

Supported by
Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA)
and many others

Sorting out the different groups


One Richmond!  ?? 


Lately several organizations have used the term One Richmond or something close to describe their program or their organization. This might help to sort out any confusion.

The slogan One Richmond was used in 2009 by candidCore beliefsate for City Council Jovanka Beckles and the late community activist Fred Jackson to describe a vision of Richmond where neighborhoods and ethnic groups in Richmond would unite around common problems and oppose those forces that were pitting these communities against each other.  


In 2009 the Richmond Progressive Alliance adopted the slogan One Richmond as one of its three core beliefs listed in its basic brochure.


In 2010 Jovanka Beckles adopted One Richmond as her campaign slogan in her successful run for City Council and had it on all of her campaign literature. Jovanka Beckles



In 2010 Fred Jackson used the slogan One Richmond

in a meeting of non-profits in Richmond to work on cooperation and participants adopted it. The meeting earlier this month called One Richmond! was organized by Joan Davis of the Richmond Community Foundation, City Manager Bill Lindsay, Don Lau of the YMCA, and Terrance Cheung, Chief of Staff for Supervisor John Gioia.



In August 2012 1Richmond was founded by "a group of citizens representing local neighborhoods, including North Richmond, Central Richmond, South Richmond and Parchester Village ... to reduce violence, raise public awareness and involvement and advance the education of Richmond's youth." It is closely associated with Councilmembers Corky Booze and Nat Bates and at some of the meetings there have been claims of significant Chevron financial support. Post story.   

In October 2012 something calling itself the Richmond One Committee put out a hit piece mailer attacking Tom Butt. While it was not signed, the text echoed (nearly verbatim) public statements repeatedly made by Councilperson Corky Booze. More here. 



Also in 2012 came the 4Richmond Committee. The Steering Committee features BAPAC leader Joe Fisher, best known for voting to refund Chevron's property taxes, Chamber of Commerce and Council of Industries functionaries, the Building Trades representatives, the president of the Firefighters union (sponsor of the vicious attacks on Mayor McLaughlin 2010) and the Chevron Manager. The group is clearly funded by Chevron and is promising projects with Chevron's support. It looks like just another way of Chevron organizing and paying off its political support.


 One news article explained that Chevron was the main funder of this "coalition." 

"Councilman Nat Bates, recently re-elected with the help of more than $1.2 million Chevron funneled into the November election to support some candidates and oppose others, said he welcomed 4Richmond's rise.
Bates said the coalition could be not just a philanthropic force, but a "watchdog" that could "counter" the direction of City Hall, which has been led in recent years by progressives who take a hard-line against the oil giant.


"I expect this new group to be active," Bates said. "It's a welcome change because the Richmond Progressive Alliance has been riding roughshod on businesses and the community."  CC Times story 


Clearly the idea is to use private funding to get around publicly elected government. 4Chevron is probably a more accurate name.


One Richmond is a great slogan summarizing our vision of Richmond. Like all great slogans it gets adopted by everyone who believes in it as well as those who think they can get a free ride by distorting it. Terrible things have been done in the name of democracy, equality, and freedom. Yet we can't give up on the fundamental ideas themselves. We need to keep our eyes open even as we unite with all who genuinely want One Richmond.  

--Mike Parker


Eduardo Martinez Presentation

Doing What is Best for Richmond


Eduardo Martinez at Council Meeting to Fill Counicl Vacancy
Eduardo Martinez at Council Meeting to Fill Council Vacancy

On 2-4-13 the Richmond City Council met to consider candidates to fill a vacancy on the City Council. Eduardo Martinez was the runner up in the Council race, just 516 votes behind Gary Bell who was elected but could not take the seat for medical reasons.


The Richmond Progressive Alliance fully supported Eduardo Martinez but when it was clear that the swing vote on the Council would not support Eduardo, we made the decision that it was better to accept a compromise candidate than to subject the city to a costly and bitter special election.  


Chevron was clearly willing to use its deep pockets to finance another expensive smear campaign.

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin's

State of the City Address - 2013

 January 29,2013 


LBNL City Councilmembers, City Staff and members of the community: 2012 was a quite a year! It was of groundbreaking and historic accomplishments and it was also a year of deep controversy and difference of opinion. It was eventful and unprecedented in so many ways. Whether it was difficult controversies or groundbreaking accomplishments, we have risen to the occasion and I remain honored to represent the great diverse community that resides here in our great city. In the midst of our ongoing challenges, it's easy to lose sight of the ground we've gained. This is a collective journey, and many, many people, businesses and organizations have made it possible...that is why I'm pleased to share this 2013 State of the City Address with all of you today.


...Click here for full address 


Click here for photos 





Friday, February 22, 2013

3pm - 5pm

Richmond Civic Center, Multi-Purpose Room 

440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond


Twin Pines Come by the Civic Center this Friday for a complimentary taste of Fusion Latina, Richmond's newest worker cooperative, a catering service which features a fusion of Latin American flavors.

 The co-op, a group of seven Richmond area women, will be introduced to the community by Mayor Gayle McLaughlin at a reception and sampling between 3pm and 5pm on Friday, February 22. The event will be held in the building that houses the City Council chambers, next to City Hall. Everyone is invited and sampling a variety of dishes is a big part of the event. Among the 14 food items offered will be:

Tinga Chicken

Guisado de Nopales

Adobado Beans

Roasted Pork with Achiote Marinade

Salpicon Beef Salad

Nopales Salad

Semilla de Jicaro drink

Lemon and Mint with Chia Drink

Creating jobs in Richmond and operating in a cooperative manner are big goals for the women. But the food is all important. The women pride themselves in making their own tortillas.

One member said, "As Latina women we have the purpose to bring our traditional foods from our prehispanic heritage to your table. Our food is based on corn, different kinds of squash, peppers, mushrooms, beans, cactus and other prehispanic plants that fill with flavor all the delicious food we make. Healthy and vegetarian options are part of our diet, but for meat lovers we have favorites from Mexico and Nicaragua."

So come out on Friday for your complimentary introduction to Fusion Latina catering. And watch for the restaurant the women plan to open next.


When you need a caterer, Fusion Latina can be reached at (510) 730-6072 or fusionlatinarestaurant@gmail.com.


Sunday  Feb 24,  7.30pm 3 pm and 7pm  in RICHMOND  


Call Mr. Robeson 


Call Mr. Robeson. A life, with songs.
Call Mr. Robeson. A life, with songs.

Paul Robeson was a great and famous actor, singer and civil rights campaigner.


When over the years he became progressively too radical and outspoken for the establishment's liking, he was branded a traitor to his country, harassed, and denied opportunities to perform or travel.


Just as physical, emotional and mental stress threatened to push him over the fine line between genius and madness, he was summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to give the most difficult and important performance of his career.


The play is a roller coaster journey through Robeson's remarkable and eventful life, and highlights how his radical activism caused him to be disowned and disremembered, even by the leaders and descendants of the civil rights movement.  


It features much fiery oratory and some of his famous songs, including a dramatic rendition of Ol' Man River.


"FIRST RATE" 4 Stars Michael Billington, The Guardian


"A TRIUMPH"  BroadwayWorld.com

"INSPIRING"  British Theatre Guide, October 2011


Written and Performed by Tayo Aluko
Directed by Olusola Oyeleye
Designed by Phil Newman



What: Call Mr. Robeson. A life, with songs. Written and Performed by Tayo Aluko, with Tammy Hall, Piano.
Directed by Olusola Oyeleye, Designed by Phil Newman
Show length: 80 minutes (no intermission)

Where: East Bay Center for Performing Arts Theater,
339 11th Street, Richmond, CA 94801-3105
When : Sunday Feb 24, at 3 pm and 7 pm
BOOKING: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/305971
Tel: 1-800-838-3006

MLK Day of Service on the Greenway


MLK Day of Service on the Greenway 2013 
MLK Day of Service on the Greenway 2013
A slide show (with music) that captures the activities and the energy of the 6th Annual 2013
Martin Luther KIng, Jr. Day of Service on the Richmond Greenway in Richmond, CA.: involving volunteers composting, mulching, weeding, building raised beds, music, dancing, speeches, silence, nutritious food, fashioning sachets, modeling with clay, making mosaics, painting murals, a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational community event.

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