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Issue: # 17 April 5, 2010
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Richmond Silly Parade 4/10
Rally Against Carbon Trading 4/15
Van Jones to Help Kickoff Gayle's Campaign 4/17
Sewer Tax Increase?
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 Saturday,  April 10     10:30 am
Richmond Silly Parade  
 Macdonald and 23rd
The initial outing for this community event is being organized by a long-time Richmond political activist who hopes that it will help build Richmond solidarity using the tool of humor.  There is still  time to contact him and learn about ways to participate in the march itself.  He also said "It's the '4th Annual'  because nobody likes to attend the first annual of anything and besides it's silly."
Richmond Silly Parade Info
Join our family-oriented April Fools event.  All you need are a few props and some imagination. Consider the Synchronized Nap Team, the Portable Hibachi Grill Team, or come as a clown or a Jennifer Lopez look-alike.
For more information contact The Silly Parade Committee at 510-235-5519  or richmondsillyparade@gmail.com  
-Michael Beer
Thursday,  April 15,     12 - 2 pm
Rally to Oppose Carbon Trading
MCJ Logo San Francisco Marriot (55 Fourth Street)
(near Powell St. BART) 

Protest carbon trading and carbon offsets as false solutions to climate change!
We'll be outside the "Navigating the American Carbon World" conference in San Francisco - one of the nation's largest carbon market conferences - to expose the injustice and ineffectiveness of schemes that reward polluters and allow rich countries to evade the real responsibility of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  This conference will be attended by bankers, oil industry representatives, financial speculators and big enviro groups. 
Carbon Trading?
In order to respond to the present climate emergency in a just and equitable way, the rich countries of the world must take a lead on reducing greenhouse gas pollution that is threatening global climate catastrophe. But corporations and rich developed nations are pushing for policies that would allow them to "reduce" emissions by purchasing carbon "credits." Unfortunately, carbon credits can be created through offset projects which supposedly reduce emissions in developing countries so that the companies or people purchasing the offsets don't have to do anything to reduce emissions themselves. The problem is that these projects are frequently hard to monitor and fail to deliver the emissions reductions that they promise.
essentially allow rich countries and corporations to purchase indulgences to keep polluting.
For example, the Nigerian government has stated its intention to participate in carbon trading and several oil companies are attempting to receive emissions credits.  If this goes unchallenged, Chevron will be allowed to receive emissions reductions credits for ending the illegal and immoral practice of gas flaring in Nigeria. Under carbon trading proposals being considered in the US Congress, Chevron could keep polluting here at home, like at its refinery in Richmond, the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in CA.  It's almost like a bully demanding a ransom to stop beating you up.
For more information
 Saturday,  April 17     1 - 3 pm
 Van Jones  to help kickoff Gayle's campaign
Positive Steps  for Richmond with
Mayor Gayle McLaughlin
1021 Macdonald Ave, Richmond

Special Guest Speakers: 
  • Van Jones (Former Special Advisor for Green Jobs to President Obama) 
  • Nativo Lopez-Vigil (National President of the Mexican American Political Association),
  • Jeff Ritterman, M.D. (Richmond's Vice Mayor)
Sewer Tax Increase?


Veolia is asking Richmond residents to pay over 16 million to rehab its wastewater treatment plant. Veolia also wants another 18 million to rehab the collection (sewer) system. Our rates will be increased again by 8% compounded yearly for the next three years. This is on top of the previous five years when we paid 8% compounded yearly rate increase. The treatment plant is an unnecessary expenditure. If Richmond were to join EBMUD the plant would be closed as fast as EBMUD could begin processing our wastewater. In 2001 EBMUD estimated it could do so within two years. Currently EBMUD processes part of the Richmond Annex's wastewater for considerably less money than the rest of Richmond pays Veolia. 

We need to stop feeding Veolia by agreeing to their gargantuan rate increases. Protest the rate increase and demand Richmond partner with EBMUD as quickly as possible.
Voice your protest against Veolia's proposed rate increase! You have until April 20 to submit a written protest to: City Clerk, PO Box 4046, Richmond, CA 94804. The rate hike will be defeated if 8,000 ratepayers express opposition or the City Council votes it down. Write to the City Clerk and, if possible, attend the April 20th Council meeting at 6:30 to express opposition to the proposed rate increases.  

--Tarnel Abbott 

in sheep's clothingNew on the Web Site 

Chevron's New Dirty Trick 

 Chevro's plan to add a ballot measure designed to protect its own special perks.
 Immigrant Rights
Photos from the 3/24 March and Protest at Senator Feinstein's office.  A short article by David Bacon on what would be real rights for immigrants.


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