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Issue: # 20April 26, 2010
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Chevron Loses in Court
Chevron starts gathering signatures
Cinco de Mayo
Appeals Court Rules against Chevron  
.The Appeals Court issued its ruling today and rejected Chevron's claims.  The court found that the Environmental Impact Report was indeed flawed on the issues of heavier crude and greenhouse gasses.  The judges did side with Chevron on the issue of the hydrogen pipeline. 
This leaves the injunction standing, the project stopped and 1200 workers not working.  The environmental groups have shown a willingness to negotiate a way to retart the project and provide for the health of the community  and environmental concerns, including taking some major steps at the request of Attorney General Brown's office. Thus far Chevron has refused to budge. 
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Chevron starts gathering signatures
Chevron as sheepShowing its usual contempt for Richmond, Chevron has started circulating a petition to get on the ballot an initiative which will protect its special utility tax perks while punishing the residents of Richmond for daring to stand up to them. The measure which would save individula tax payers a few dollars and  would save Chevron millions and cause cuts in police, fires, schools, senior centers, and street repair.
It is deceptive and Chevron has deep pockets to hire signature gatherers to sell there product.
Help us get the word out:  Think before you sign. 
Don't help Chevron hurt Richmond more
Call the RPA at  510-595-4661 .  Arrange to pickup leaflets and sign-up for a time to help talk to people at a signature gathering location.   
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Saturday May 1 
Cinco de Mayo  Parade

The Cinco de Mayo Parade will be this Saturday.  Gather at Barrett and 24th between 9:00 and 9:30 am.  Parade starts promptly at 10 am. 
Join wiith the RPA in the parade. Email uas at RPAActivist@gmail.com and we will let you know where we are meeting up. 

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