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Issue: #47March 30 ,2011

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Decision Day on Casino April 5
National Solidarity Action 4/4
Silly Parade 4/2
Jeff Ritterman Articles
Sisters in Solidarity
Universal Health Care
Against Military Spending 4/12
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David Moore Cartoon April 5  Decision Day

NO on Casino
At its meeting  on Tuesday, April 5th,  6:30,  the City Council will  vote on the Casino Project and hopefully deal a fatal blow to this project which threatens Richmond. Even when, as we expect, the Council votes down the Casino, it is possible that the developers will try to go to court to insist on a project rejected by the community last November. That is why we need to be out in great numbers to show the developers, the courts, the media, and anyone else that this community really means NO!
You can make a difference
1.  Come to the City Council Meeting
The Council meeting will be moved to the Richmond Auditorium to accommodate the large crowds
. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6:30 but we will be gathering at 6:00 to prepare ourselves, exchange information and sign up to speak.
  • Sign up to speak on the issue. This is the only item on the agenda. You must fill out a simple slip available at the meeting and turn it in to the city clerk BEFORE this item on the agenda begins.  
  • Hold up a sign at the meeting.  Bring your own or use one of the signs that will be available there
2.  Send Emails to the City Council 
There are a couple of council people who still don't get it that the community has said no. "The November vote was only advisory," they say. 

But it helps to send your emails to  all members of the council. Those members who are opposed to the Casino can use your email  to demonstrate the backing for a "NO" vote.


The best email is one that you write yourself and provides arguments about why the casino should be rejected. You can give arguments about the impact of a Casino, alternative uses of Pt. Molate, or the fact that the Richmond community has clearly said no by their decisive  vote on Measure U and election of candidates who stood firmly against the Casino. But even just a short email that says 'I expect you to vote against the Casino' with your name and Richmond address is effective.


You can send your email to citycouncil@intres.com  and it will be forwarded to each city council person separately.
Or you can write to city council members individually: 
3.  Help US Phone To Get Other Richmond Residents to the Meeting.

The RPA is organizing phone banks  for Thurday 3/31, and Monday 4/4 from 6 pm to 8:30.  We need your help.  Please  bring your cell phone and charger.  We will provide phone lists, notes, snacks and a lot of good spirit.

Phoning will take place at the Laotian Organizing Project  (L.O.P) office  3727 Barrett (NW Corner of Barrett and 38th)

Please call Margaret Jordan  510-412-3673 and let us know when you can help.

Monday, April 4, 10 pm  

Solidarity with Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio workers and defense of union rights   


We Are 1 LogoTo show support for the Wisconsin/Indiana/Ohio  workers and public employees everywhere, the American labor movement is organizing demonstrations across the country for a National Day of Action on Monday, April 4 -- the 43rd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. King was assassinated while in Memphis supporting a strike by city sanitation workers.
Contra Costa
11:00am  -- 1:00pm  Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge (New Carquinez)
Sponsored by Contra Costa  and  Napa/Solano Labor Councils and Building Trades Councils.

Walk from Contra Costa will begin at 11:45 at beginning of Bridge Trail (Near Dead Fish Restaurant, 20050 San Pablo in Crockett) Take last exit before Bridge  (#27  Pomona to Crockett), right at San Pablo. Parking is limited.  Busses will also be leaving from the Labor Council Offices in Martinez between 10 and 10:30  1333 Pine St. Martinez.


Sproul Plaza 12 noon
Solidarity Alliance, UC Berkeley will hold a rally as part of the AFL-CIO and CWA calls for nationwide actions that day. Sponsored by campus unions, student groups and progressive faculty.


We Are 1 SpanishOakland
11:45a-1p - City Hall, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

(14th and Broadway.  Near 12th St. BART)
San Francisco 
4:45p - Bank of America, 555 California (at Kearny), march to Federal Reserve Bank, 101 Market. (Near Montgomery St  BART

Along the way we will stop at financial institutions to emphasize who really is to blame for the economic crisis, unemployment, foreclosures and government deficits.
LGBT/Labor online solidarity day on April 4th.  Here's more info. 

Saturday, April 2,  10:30 am to 11:17
Richmond Silly Parade 

 Corner of 23rd and Macdonald


The Richmond Silly Parade welcomes all Richmond neighbors and neighborhoods to parade down the street in celebration of our city's imagination, verve, diversity, pride and purpose.
Silly Parade
Last year's marchers, lead by La Raza Unida Car Club, included the Senior Citizen Dry-Water Swim Team, Purple Hula Hoopers, Rosie the Riveters, Boy Scouts, pets in costume, pet owners in costume, umbrella gymnasts, soccer players, saxophone players, La Rondalla del Sagrado Corazn, Mother Earth, and Denzel Washington.

This year, for the 5th Annual, we're hoping for giant puppets, gospel groups, a baby brigade, kids in Halloween costumes, stilt walkers, floats, the electric elephant, more giant puppets, and people just like you along with your friends, domino club, union brothers and sisters, support group, etc. Everyone can participate. 

For inspiration, check out The 4th Annual Richmond Silly Parade video on YouTube. Also, parade photographs are posted at fletcher oakes silly parade . Or google the Doo Dah parade of Pasadena. For information, more ideas, and registration, email richmondsillyparade@gmail.com or telephone Michael at 235-5519 (before 10:30 p.m.). If you can't march with us on the day after April Fools, bring the folks, come, watch.

photo by Fletcher Oakes

Click here for full flyer Full Flyer 


Jeff Ritterman 

has recently published two articles  making the case that inequality in our society is the major cause of a variety of social and personal problems.  Much of this will be familiar to folks who have heard Jeff speak in Richmond  politics and write in  RPA publications.  What is significant and exciting is that these article are appearing in a respected medical journal and an important California community health website.


A Call to Lead


The American Journal of Medicine


Imagine a microbe that lowers life expectancy. Suppose this  microbe also causes increases in obesity, drug use, teen pregnancy, incarceration rates, and homicide rates, and a breakdown of social cohesion.


We would expect pharmaceutical companies and the Centers for Disease Control to engage in a no-holds-barred campaign to develop an antibiotic or a vaccine to do away with the threat and protect public health. The threat is here. It is real and it is causing untold harm. But the threat is not a microbe. It is us, or more accurately, how we organize our social environment. 


Full Article


Beloved Community Medicine

Would a more equal California be a healthier California? The answer appears to be a resounding yes.  ...

Full article at healthycal.org
Women's International Day,  March 12 
Sisters in Solidarity 

 International Women's Day

The fourth  Richmond International Women's Day Celebration  Sisters in Solidarity brought women from diverse cultures and activities to share experiences and hopes.


Click Here for  more pictures  and the full article by Tania Pulido  from the Richmond Pulse, an exciting new media outlet led by  Richmond young people.

Reintroduced 2011 
SB 810, the California Universal Health Care Act


Senator Mark Leno has reintroduced  the blll, sometimes called California Single Payer.  The RPA  has endorsed this bill and urges your support.  You can help by sending letters of support to state legislators.


The  Health Care for All / California  is coordinating a letter writing campaign and urges you to:


1. Place your letter on organizational letterhead (if it's from an organization).

2. Mail, fax or email the letter to Senate Health Committee

        a. Email: Senatehealthcommittee@sen.ca.gov

        b. Fax: (916) 319-2197

3. Be sure to cc: Senator Leno at (916) 445-4722 or email at senator.leno@sen.ca.gov

4. Please also mail or fax the letter to your own legislator found at www.leginfo.ca.gov.



Down load a Fact Sheet on SB 810 here

Tuesday, April 12  


Global Day Against Military Spending.



This day marks the release of the annual report in Geneva, Switzerland on military spending by all the countries in the world.


In the Bay Area, United for Peace & Justice will distribute a newly developed educational leaflet on U.S. military spending at BART stations around the Bay. 


Organizations are invited to adopt a station, do the distribution and include any other activities (street theater, displays) they feel are appropriate.  For more information, contact Siri Margerin.  To participate at Richmond BART call Chris Caldwell at  232-8264.

RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

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