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Issue: #53June 11 ,2011

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Richmond IDs Pass First Step
Measure D Fails; Questions
N. Shoreline Issue Postponed
Arts and Sustainability June 12
Silly Parade Pictures Posted
Film: Capitalism Hits the Fan
Environmental Justice in South Africa June 20
Co-ops June 23
Pow-Wow June 25
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A more inclusive Richmond

Council Unanimous on  Municipal IDsID_Rally


The city council unanimously passed a resolution strongly supporting a Richmond Municipal ID.  Jovanka Beckles introduced the resolution and motivated it. Among other things she pointed out that:


   The ID will make it easier for people to report crime and lift the fear associated with contact with local law enforcement. Chief Magnus is supporting the concept.


   Similar ID programs have already been tried and proven successful in a number of cities.


   The program would be operated by an outside vendor and would not use city funds. People with the ID could select an optional feature to use it as an ATM card.


   The IDs could be used by all citizens to prevent any stigma from being attached to their use.


paradeThe resolution directs city staff to research the proposal and return with a report on possible implementation by July 5.


Approximately 400 people rallied in the Civic center square outsidC the City Hall.  Since not everyone could sit in the Council chambers, as the item was being discussed, the rally paraded single file through the chambers holding signs endorsing the ID program.


While the council was unanimous there was some opposition to the ID program from the audience, showing the need for us to continue to work for "One Richmond."

Local Tax Increase (Measure D fails)  school


Measure D, on the June 7, ballot failed by a vote of 43.5% yes and 56.5% no.  The turnout was low with only 8, 454 votes cast.  More than of the ballots were mail. What does this vote mean? What was wrong with the campaign?  What should we do about the schools?  What do we do about the loss in services and financial support from the state budget cuts?  Why did community groups that want financial support from the city not join in the campaign?  What will be the impact on the city budget?  How should we prioritize city spending?


Let us know your views.  We will have more on this in coming issues.

North Richmond Shoreline Development Issue Postponed Shoreline map


The issue of zoning the North Richmond shoreline was postponed until July 5.  The question was postponed because a charge was made by one of the property owners that Tom Butt might have a conflict of interest.  The State Fair Political Practices Committee will not rule on this matter until later this month.


Although the issue had been removed from the agenda, at the last council meeting a large number of speakers, mostly from local soccer clubs spoke during Open Forum to support more soccer fields.  Although they were presumably speaking in favor of a proposed development on the "Murray property," west of the Parkway and North of Goodrick, that includes a shopping mall, hotel, and soccer fields, they did not address important questions that come up with regard to this project. They did not say why the fields had to be attached to a shopping mall project. They did not speak to concerns regarding the building of the project on land that could be used for open space shoreline rather than in areas of the city that need revitalization and development. These are issues that we need to address when the question comes to the council on July 5.


 Letters on shoreline  cartoon (Issue 52)


     The [shoreline developer cartoon] reflects poorly on the RPA. It is childish, inappropriate, and unnecessary.  I call FOUL for this low blow.
     The RPA is unique (and successful) by being civil, respectful, and decent; its model attracts citizens of like-mind.  The cartoon conveys the wrong message for a dignified RPA.  I believe the cartoon's inclusion in the newsletter reflects poor judgment.
     We love the RPA and the great work that is being done in our city with the Mayor, Council, City staff, School Board, etc.  My family and I are proud of Richmond and are activists for its continued improvement.  But the cartoon does not represent us.
     We do not have to demean or make fun of someone just because (s)he has some opinions that we disagree with.
     The issues and the good people of beloved Richmond will sort out best use of Northshore.

Mike Peritz    




    My 2 cents:  the last RPA cartoon on the shoreline issue deserves a Pulitzer.    Could you put it "above the fold" so people can see it without scrolling?  I'm lucky I even found it in the newsletter.

Adrienne Harris


Sunday, June 12  1 pm

Arts & Sustainability

We, in Richmond, have a spirit of determination.   Our progressive political journey has ignited us and continues to inspire us.  It is because we understand the need to nurture each other in heart, mind and spirit that we continue to gain strength and courage.  We have shown we can make progress and have overcome many challenges, but many more remain.


We now need a visionary cultural statement, something that inspires us along the way to create more progressive change.  Something unique to Richmond - an outgrowth of our history and a testament to our determination as we overcome even greater challenges and injustices.  Something that also draws visitors to Richmond, who want to experience something beyond the mundane.  Can Richmond add to our being a "green city" and also become a "city of creative possibilities?"


Can we synergize our efforts with a hi-tech, multi-media arts vision?  One that will attract and educate our youth in filmmaking, special effects, virtual reality, electronic music, robotics, and computer animation.   Will this benefit Richmond by economically bringing us hi-tech arts industries and accompanying jobs?    If we can weave together our progressive politics and a progressive culture, what heights might we reach? It is a vision worth considering.  


Please join me and the RPA Arts Committee on June 12th from 1 - 3 pm for a Sunday afternoon exploration of such a vision.  Get the full sized flyer here. 



Gayle McLaughlin


Pictures From Silly Parade Now Posted

 Silly Parade


Fletcher Oakes, Master Photographer, has uploaded many great photos of the "5th Annual Silly Parade" to his flicker photostream.  You may find your self there.  To get to this site, simply google "fletcher oakes silly parade".  Or you can use this link.


     Fletcher has also helped to bring the Mime Troupe players to Richmond.  I've just learned they will be back again this year at Nicholl Park on July 24 at 2:00 p.m.  Their play is called "2012-The Musical", and it's guaranteed to be tuneful, pointed, and fun.

                                                                      A sillier Richmond is possible,

                                                                      Michael Beer

Saturday  June 18, 2011,  2  to  4  p.m.




A film featuring Richard Wolff on the Economic Meltdown



Richmond Main Library,  M. Whittlesey Community Room 

325 Civic Center Plaza


This 57 minute film is richly illustrated with graphics and charts presented by Economics Prof. Richard Wolff,   By placing the crisis in a larger historical context, Wolff argues that "bailouts" and re-regulation proposals are not enough to address the real causes of the crisis.  A moderated discussion will follow.


Information:  (510) 524-6071, or  bjbw@lmi.net


Initiated by  Contra Costa Chapter of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Co-sponsored by the Peace and Freedom Party Contra Costa County Central Committee, and the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

South Africa Speaker 

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