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North Shore Council Action Postponed Again
Municipal ID at Council 7/5
LBNL Reception/Mtg 7/21
Mime Troupe Nichols Park 7/24
Why Strong Unions?
Postcards for Progressive Richmond
Fight Division of Richmond
New Mural--New Policy
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Council Action Postponed Again  

North Shore Development? 
Cartoon Soccer Birds

The Real Project


Council Action on  zoning of the North Shoreline-whether it should be open space or developed  has again been postponed.  City Manager Bill Lindsay has determined that the issue is part of the General Plan and EIR for the General Plan and it should go first to the Planning Commission. The exact date for this has not been announced yet.  But it means the issue will not reach the Council until the fall.


In the meantime the Fair Political Practices Committee has ruled that there is some conflict of interest for Tom Butt because his architecture companyhas business with some of the proposed North Shore developers (even if the business does not involve the North Shore). This ruling means that Tom Butt can not particpate in the discussions and voting on this issue.


Open Space ButtonBut the issue remains very strong, with developers attempting to mobilize soccer clubs to support their development. The RPA strongly supports limiting commercial development in the area west of the Parkway and protecting the Bay with open space.  Commercial development should focus on rebuilding the core commercial areas of the city rather than contribute to their decline.


For more on the RPA view see here .




Tuesday, July 5  5:30 

Municipal ID Comes to Council 
Come to Council


The first reading of the ordinance to authorize a Richmond Municipal ID Program comes to the City Council on Tuesday.


The program provides ID cards for any Richmond resident who wants one.  The purpose is to improve public safety, increase civic participation and support local commerce. A unanimous vote in June directed staff to research and present an ordinance for consideration.

Download a PowerPoint presentation that describes how the program works. (large file means slow download)

At the June Council meeting there was some confusion on some key points.


Voluntary program for everyone


The ID card  will be available to everyone who  needs or wants one including children.  If enough residents of Richmond, including those who have other IDs request the card, then the card will not stigmatize those who have one as undocumented.


The ordinance does not change the right of residents NOT to carry identification.  That right remains and must be respected.  Nevertheless "stop and Identify" statutes allow police to detain persons reasonably suspected of involvement in a crime and require persons so detained to identify themselves to the police.


Cost to the City of Richmond


The solution proposed is to contract with a 'third party administrator' who under the rules and guidance of the Council and City Manager will implement the program and absorb the cost.  This is the model that the City of Oakland is implementing: A company which generates and distributes pre-paid debit cards stepped forward and won the bid to administer the program.


The Cost to the Card holders


RMID CallThe third party administrator will provide the ID for a basic cost of production. The fee willl be waived for those who can not afford it. A voluntary option will be a pre-paid debit card system included in the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.


Those not wanting anything but the identification card will only get the identification card and no additional charges whatsoever. Their pre-paid debit card is not activated unless requested.


The 'third party administrator' charges small transaction fees on the operation of the pre-paid debit card. This is what makes it worthwhile for the third-party-administration to assume the cost of running the program and making it cost-free to the City. This ordinance will require that companies that distribute pre-paid debit cards agree to charge very low rates. The account monthly maintenance fee, for instance, will need to be less than a dollar. The highest fee allowed for international remittances will not exceed $5.


Thursday, July 21  6 pm  

Reception and Town Hall Meeting for LBNL Project .


The City of Richmond is one of the finalists to host the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) second campus at the UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station site. This is an unparalleled opportunity to bring green jobs, economic development, and countless other benefits to the Richmond community. 

As part of the selection process, the City will host a welcoming reception and town hall meeting on Thursday, July 21, 2011, from 6-9PM at the Richmond Auditorium. The reception will include light refreshments and entertainment, followed by a town hall meeting. Please save the date to come join the community in showing LBNL why Richmond is the only choice for the LBNL Second Campus!


The city would like RSVPs. You can RSVP here 


You can see letters of support and welcome  to LBNL(including the letter from the RPA)

Sunday, July 24, 2 pm (Music at 1:30)

Nichols ParkMime Troupe 

31st and Macdonald,  Richmond


The Tony Award-winning SF Mime Troupe 52nd season

 "2012 - The Musical!"

  A small political theater company, Theater BAM!, finds itself at a crossroads: should they keep telling the stories they feel can change the world (and starve while telling them), or feed at the corporate trough, sell out, and be the mouthpiece for The Man. Tough decision. But before having to make it, they are offered an artistic commission that may save the company; all they have to do is create a new play, "2012 - The Musical!" But is it political? Will it keep with the company's original mission? What's the true purpose of this frivolous production, and who's really bankrolling the thing? 

This is a special Richmond production. For the full schedule.

Help Needed
The play is free (although a collection will be taken).  The Mime Troupe depends on volunteers.  They need help with cooking,  postering, and publicity for the show, and 4-6 people for both set up before the show, starting around 9:00 AM, and for the strike afterwards, which goes till about 5-6:00 PM..

If anyone has food donations, is willing to cook, can poster, or help the day of the show, please  email Fletcher Oakes.

Why strong unions are good for all working people  

Union membership vs concentration of wealth

Union membership vs concentration of wealth

graphics from Change to Win  


Postcards promoting what is great
Greetings from Richmond, The Progressive City

postcard front


David Moore, known  for his websites, graphics and  cartoons has a project.  Here is his description and requests:


In order to promote Richmond as a place to live, work and play - and to attract businesses - I propose doing a series of post cards with diverse groups of Richmonders in recognizable Richmond settings.


The heading could be variations on the theme "Greetings from Richmond, The Progressive City!"


The various themes I can envision as post cards include:

1. Cyclists at our Transit Center (DONE!)

2. Richmond Bay Trail - people walking, running, cycling on the trail

3. Rosie the Riveter

4. Macdonald Avenue

5. Community Gardens - perhaps the Richmond Greenway?

6. Ford Building

7. Parks / Nature - Endangered Clapper Rail?

8. Historical - Point Molate with Winehaven?

9. Public Art - Gompers School Mural on the Greenway?


And the list goes on. I am seeking images and your ideas and photographs / artwork are eagerly sought.


I can pay for the post cards and sell them to anyone who wants them at a slight profit - or we can figure out another way to finance them. I'm very easy on how this might proceed and welcome your input.  Email me. 

One Richmond!

David Moore

Congressional Redistricting  

Fight the Division of Richmond
Congressional Division of Richmond?

On June 21st the City Council debated the redistricting proposal which would place Richmond  in the Congressional District now represented by Barbara Lee instead of  the district represented by George Miller. Only after the Council meeting did the Council Members become aware that the proposal actually divided Richmond between two Congressional Districts. (Credit to Tom Butt  for examining the maps more closely.) You can see the maps by clicking here and entering Richmond CA.   


Every Council member opposes the division of the city. Here are some statements sent to the Redistricting Commission.


 Mayor Gayle McLaughlin:

Although I am not taking a position regarding in which district Richmond is placed, I strongly object to dividing Richmond and strongly support redrawing the lines in a way that keeps Richmond unified. Community ties run deep in Richmond. One of our themes for ongoing community development is: One Richmond!


Council member Jovanka Beckles:

Although I have no position regarding which congressional district Richmond is in, I am very concerned that current proposal divides Richmond between two districts. As it stands the proposal violates the principle of maintaining the integrity of cities and undermines our attempts to unify diverse neighborhoods in Richmond. I urge you to correct this serious error.


Council Member Jeff Ritterman:

I believe that there are several reasons that the new redistricting plan is not the best plan for Richmond. It divides our city which runs counter to our needs for unity. It interrupts a long standing and productive relationship with Congressman Miller's office. Richmond is the second largest city in Congressman Miller's district and the city with the greatest need. In Congresswoman Lee's district we will be competing for attention with Oakland, a city four times our size with perhaps even greater needs than Richmond.


The Commission is still holding hearings.

The RPA urges  Richmond residents  to write to the commission opposing division  of the city.  You can make comments at this website.

Graffiti Art recognized  

Mural and New Policy Unveiled 

Gompers artThe Richmond Greenway has a new piece of art and the city is establishing a new policy to support young artists.  In October, the city painted over a mural put up by Gompers students with permission from the property owner in carrying out the city's anti-graffiti policy.  The students stood up for their rights and as a result the city is changing its policy.  See the Richmond Confidential Story for more  pictures and more of the current story   


For pictures of the old mural and background see here. 


RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

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