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Inequality Stats Back Occupy Claims
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Occupy Changes the Political Discussion


What a difference in only six weeks. In this short period of time, the actions of unemployed, fed-up citizens, union members, homeless, and committed political activists have changed the political dialogue in two ways.


The debate is now about the 1%, how they have ripped us all off and what should be done about it rather than what social programs should be cut


Ordinary people have stopped feeling powerless at the relentless political march to the right in the U.S. We do have real power. There is now something we can all do. Some of us can camp out at an occupation. The rest of us can join in and defend the occupations and make our size and anger known. We do not have to depend on a narrow and bought-off group of "opinion leaders" to speak for us. The media has stopped treating Occupy  like a joke and now devotes helicopters and top billing to even small occupations.   


Oakland at the Center


Stupid mistakes and over-reaction have made Oakland and the Bay Area the focal point for what is now a world wide-movement.  


But the movement must keep growing and getting stronger. The forces that normally run our society are just waiting for us to make a mistake, show weakness, or division. 


Join the Oakland Demonstration on Wednesday

Join the fast-walking march on Wednesday morning  from Richmond to Oakland


Join the Richmond Demonstration on November 11

Help plan the Richmond Demonstration on November 3.  


Details below. 

Wednesday November 2,  Noon  and 5 PM

Converge at 14th and Broadway

Meet Occupy Richmond there (look for banner)


Walk from Richmond to Oakland starting at 8:00 AM from San Pablo and Macdonald. 
Occupy Oakland
Thursday  November 3,  6:30 PM
Planning Meeting to Prepare for Occupy Richmond Action November 11

RPA Activist Logo Remember that Chevron is a big force in that 1%

For more information:
Jose Rivera  rvrjose@yahoo.com or
Eduardo Martinez  

or call 510-412-2260 

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2011 by Inter Press Service

New Inequality Data Likely to Boost "Occupy" Movement

shares of incomeby Jim Lobe

A major study on income equality by a non-partisan government agency is likely to boost the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, whose standing with the general public appears on the rise, according to a new poll.


The study, released here Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), found that the average after-tax real income of the top one percent of the nation's households grew by 275 percent between 1979 and 2007 - about seven times greater than the increase in income by the remaining 99 percent over the same period.


And the income of the poorest 20 percent of the nation's earners grew by a mere 18 percent during that period, according to the report, which had been requested by the senior Democratic and Republican members on the Senator Finance Committee several years ago. That was less than one percent per year.


The report - the latest in a series of private or non-profit studies that confirm a sharp rise in income and wealth inequality over the past generation - came as a new New York Times/CBS News poll showed stronger-than-expected popular support for the "Occupy" movement, which has spread to dozens of cities across the country.

Sat. November 5,  4:00pm


Native American Health Center

260 23rd Street, Richmond 94804


Join us in making a difference together

for our next generations


Community Event: Join the peacewalkers for a free event to be held at the Native American Health Center in Richmond on Nov. 5 from 4pm-7pm.

We will have guest speakers, Richmond City Mayor-Gayle McLaughlin, community/activist organizations, Q & A session, and much more. Followed with a community potluck.


Anti-nuke marchWelcome to Peacewalkers: The Sacred Sites Peacewalk for a Nuclear-Free World began on October 22, at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant near San Luis Obispo. Walkers are traveling 15 miles a day to reach Richmond on November 5. They will finish November 6, at the Native American Sacred Site Sogorea Te (Glen Cove) in Vallejo.


With the tragedy of Fukushima in their hearts, they are praying for the safety of land and people along the route, the still-present danger of nuclear weapons, the poisonous nuclear fuel cycle and how to end the nuclear nightmare in California and worldwide. Diablo Canyon was a Sacred Site to the Chumash People and the peacewalkers would like to see the nuclear plant closed down.


What is your vision for a nuclear-free world? Do you want to live in an environment that is free of dependence on pollutants and toxins that are destroying the very air we are breathing? Do you want to leave your children and grandchildren a healthy world?

This is the meeting for you! Join us and share your voice.

NOW is the Time for Change, not tomorrow,

Change can be done and we can do it together!

The walk and the event are Alcohol and Drug Free.


Interested in helping, walking or questions?  See the whole Bay Area schedule 


Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011   -   4:00-6:00pm

Inside Haiti: 

what the corporate media won't tell you


Progressive Office

1021 Macdonald Ave., Richmond (close to Richmond BART)


Pierre Labossiere - background on Haiti's grassroots movement 


Marilyn Langlois - slide show and report back from her recent trip to Haiti


HaitiLearn why the grassroots Lavalas movement in Haiti is so important, and get a first-hand update on its struggles and accomplishments in the face of the ongoing war against the poor being waged by the US and UN.


Military and market-based strategies--advocated by Haiti's current, fraudulently selected president and his top advisor Bill Clinton--are making things worse.  True security can only come to Haiti with an end to apartheid conditions separating the very rich from the desperately poor.  The demands we heard from Haitians are similar to those being voiced by the Occupy Wall Street movement:  Stop funding weapons and war and put more resources into education, health care, housing, decent jobs and infrastructure.



Sponsored by:                                                          Suggested donation $5-15

Haiti Action Committee                               No one turned away for lack of funds

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund                Light refreshments - wheelchair accessible

(510) 483-7481

Chevron's "GIVING"  

  Chevron Tax Cartoon

Last week my tire blew out as I was driving up Barrett Ave. I pulled over. Within two minutes a man pulled up next to me and offered to change the tire. He changed it and left.


I was so appreciative of his help and generosity-his willingness to take some moments out of his day to assist, his unconditional giving without personal gain.


I'd like to compare this act of kindness and generosity to Chevron's giving in Richmond.


Yes, Chevron supports many worthwhile causes in Richmond. But I think it's important to be clear that these donations are NOT unselfish acts of generosity. Rather they are "gifts" given for Chevron's gain-for them to be viewed in any other way is misleading. Let me explain.


When I go to a ballgame I see many company insignias on the fencing that surrounds the field. I don't look at them and say "Oh, how wonderful! Ford Motor Company is donating support to the A's." Rather I say-"Ford Motor Company has bought advertising to sell cars."


Likewise when I see "Chevron" signs prominently plastered in front of Civic Center at the GRIP Harmony Walk or standing out on top of the invitations to the Rechristening of the Red Oak Victory Ship, it isn't really accurate for me to say "Oh, how wonderful, Chevron is being so generous with its support for the Harmony Walk or Red Oak Celebration. Rather, it is more accurate to say, "Chevron is advertising and buying votes for the next election."


Similarly, Chevron's donations aren't true acts of generosity because they come with conditions. Non-profits that receive money from Chevron are given a clear, if implicit, message that to speak out against Chevron (to object, for example to Chevron's current legal battle challenging back property taxes to take back over $100,000,000 from the city and the schools) is to jeopardize future funding. That's not selfless generosity, that's BUYING SILENCE!!


Let us be clear-there is much generosity in Richmond, but it doesn't come from Chevron.

--Margaret Jordan

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