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April 27, 2012



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Jeff Passes Microphone; Eduardo, Marilyn Begin

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Police Riot: What Really Happened?

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What is Killing Adult Education?

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Jeff Passes Microphone    
RPA Endorses Eduardo, Marilyn


Jeff and Marilyn

Robert Rogers/Richmond Confidential

See Richmond Confidential Story 

An overflow, standing room only, crowd enthusiastically embraced Eduardo Martinez and Marilyn Langlois as we ick-off their  campaigns for the City Council. Jeff Ritterman announced that he had decided not to run for reelection so he could spend more time with his  family but was pleased that someone as qualified as Marilyn would step in.


Here are Marilyn's remarks:


Thank you Jeff and thank you all for being here.

It's another beautiful day in Richmond, like yesterday, when we had so many fantastic Earth Day activities going on:   at Civic Center, EcoVillage Farm Learning Center, Point Molate Beach and the dedication of the Fred Jackson Harmony Garden in North Richmond. How fitting a tribute that was to our beloved Fred.


FiveI want to give special acknowledgment today to my mother, Barbara Langlois, who just turned 90 and is here with us, for giving me so much support and unconditional love. And for being a role model in local politics. She was the first woman elected to the Lafayette City Council in 1974, and she advocated for equitable development and smart growth long before these concepts became buzzwords throughout the country. Thanks, mom


I, too, believe in equitable development in Richmond with the emphasis on EQUITABLE. After all, Richmond is the city we call home, and we all deserve to feel healthy, happy and safe here. As a City Council member, I will support every policy we can to achieve this end, addressing the needs of those among us who are hurting, while also recognizing that each of us has something to contribute to benefit our community as a whole.


Las Bomberas de La Bahia 

Jeff, one of the many things I'm grateful to you for is drawing attention to the issue of excessive income inequality and how that correlates with all the social ills we face in Richmond. I intend to pursue that theme throughout my campaign, because I know it's possible for everybody to have a good life if we can collectively to do a better job of sharing our many resources and assets-and that includes multi-billion dollar corporations whose sharing skills are still a bit lacking. I also want to thank you Jeff for your leadership in the Fit for Life campaign both leading up to the coming election and beyond, and you can count on me as a participant in that effort.

Jovanka and Eduardo, I'm really looking forward to joining both of you and our Mayor on the City Council come January. You have been steadfast comrades throughout so many struggles in the past years, ever since I first met each of you--Eduardo, in 2004 when we were part of the group that organized March4Education and we walked side by side from Richmond to Sacramento demanding equitable funding for our schools-and Jovanka, in 2006 when we campaigned for the first Measure T to raise taxes on Chevron, and you came up with that wonderful slogan: T taxes Chevron not you! I really appreciate the deep commitment from both of you


Gayle, our Mayor, you have been the pioneer and guiding light for all of us. For your first four years on the Council-2 years as City Councilmember, and your first two years as Mayor, you were often the lone voice of the grassroots progressive movement until we got Jeff elected and then Jovanka. Our challenges are still huge, but because of you, it will be easier for all those who follow to achieve social, environmental and racial justice. Gayle, I also want to express again publicly how much it has meant to me personally to work with you in the Mayor's office these past four plus years, where I learned so much. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here now, running for office. Thank you Gayle.


Meet Marilyn

And now, most importantly of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who are here today for your inspiration and your undying support for our movement and our vision of a beautiful and healthy city for future generations. You are all amazing people with a rich diversity of backgrounds, skills and ideas and I feel privileged to know so many of you. Fred Jackson would call you a People Bouquet.   You have taught me a great deal over the past years by sharing with me your pain and frustrations, as well as your insights and ideas for solutions. Thank you for that. I look forward to getting to know more of you during the course of my campaign. After all, we're here because of you, and we're all in this together.


See Eduardo's website


See Marilyn's website   


Pierre, Marilyan, Eduardo   The keynote speaker for the afternoon was Pierre Labossiere, a grassroots human rights activist and frequent guest on several KPFA radio programs and a co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee. He is also an active member of BAJI, Black Alliance for Just Immigration and has worked in Richmond as a union organizer. Labossiere told us that our challenge to corporate power in Richmond was a beacon of hope to people in other communities in the U.S and countries like Haiti.



Join us in completing this historic step to help build One Richmond


Come to the City Hall Plaza at 7 pm.  

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Richmond ID  



Richmond Tales



Friday, May 11,  7 - 9 pm


2002 5 de Mayo Richmond Police Riot:

What Really Happened and How It Changed Richmond Forever!


On Sunday, May 5, 2002, the Richmond Police Department launched an assault on Richmond's 23rd St against the civil rights of the Richmond's Latino community. Among those attacked and arrested that evening were Richmond Progressive Alliance Co-Founder Andres Soto and his family. They were the first of more than 20 Chicanos and Mexicanos arrested that night!


We will have an exciting and important panel discussion followed by a community dialogue featuring a number of people who lived through the experience.


What happened on the road to seeking justice for the community changed Richmond's politics, race relations and the power structure of Richmond. Those changes are still being felt to this day as evidenced in the recent police race discrimination trial that just concluded on April 10, 2012.


Members of the panel include:


  •       Andres Soto - First victim of the police assault and lead Plaintiff in Soto, et al v. The City of Richmond. Andres later ran for City Council in 2004.
  •       Che Soto-Vigil - Second victim, co-plaintiff and son of Andres Soto.
  •       Alejandro Soto-Vigil - Third victim, co-plaintiff, son of Andres Soto and a UC Berkeley student at the time of the attack.
  •       Captain Mark Gagan, Richmond Police Department - Capt. Gagan was a young Richmond police officer at the time of the assault, saw what happened from the inside of the department and how things have changed since then.
  •       Bob Sutcliffe - Former Richmond Police Commissioner who sat on the commission during the time of the complaint against the department for the 2002 5 de Mayo Richmond Police Riot.
  •       Karl Fischer - Reporter, West County Times. Karl had just started with the Times when the story broke and covered it for several years.

 Progressive Community Forum

Richmond Progressive Office

1021 Macdonald Ave.

Richmond, CA


Please save the date and share with friends and colleagues. For more information or questions please contact Andres Soto 510.237.6866 or adcsoto@hotmail.com.



May Day Activities
There are a large number of activities scheduled for May 1, or May Day as the original American Labor Day is called.  In recent years the holiday has also become an Immigrant Rights Day.

The March for Dignity and Resistance  will begin at 3 pm at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland and will proceed to downtown Oakland.   

Endorsed by:May Day Poster

ACUDIR-Alameda County United in Defense of Immigrant Rights, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), American Postal Workers Union, Amnesty International USA (Western Regional Office), Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), AFSME 444, Alameda Labor Council, ANSWER Coalition, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1555, Bail Out the People Movement (SF), Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice, Bay Area Solidarity, The Bikery, California Faculty Association (Cal State East Bay Chapter), CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) (SF), Centro Legal de la Raza (SF), CodePINK: Women for Peace, Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights, Colectivo de Mujeres (SF), Cycles of Change, Day Labor Program (SF), Decolonize Oakland, Ella Baker Center (Oakland), Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), FMLN NorCar, Gay Shame, Instituto Familiar de la Raza (SF), International Action Center - SF, International Socialist Organization, Movimiento por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes MDI (SF), La Raza Centro Legal (SF), LAGAI-Queer Insurrection, Left Party, Mujeres Unidas y Activas (SF & Oakland), Nonviolent Caucus of Occupy Oakland, Oakland Coalition to Stop Goldman Sachs, Oakland Education Association (OEA), Oakland Sin Fronteras, Occupy Education (NorCal), Occupy Oakland, Occupy Public Health, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC), Progressive Labor Party, Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism! (QUIT!), ROOTS (formerly Occupy the Hood), San Francisco Labor Council, SF 99% Coalition, SEIU-United Service Workers West (USWW),SEIU 1000 District Council ("DLC") 743 (SF), San Mateo County Central Labor Council, SF Women In Black, Social Irruption Theater Troupe- Una piedra en el zapato (SF), Teamsters Local 70, Unite Here Local 2850, Women's Building/Edificio de Mujeres (SF), Workers World Party, WAK (Women Against Killing), Xinaxtli la MeXa de UCB


(Click here for more info)

The Golden Gate Labor Coalition is calling for a mass rally and action at the bridge at 7am on May 1.
Bridge, bus, and ferry workers will be reaching out directly to commuters this week to notify them of possible disruptions to their commute and ask for their support.
The Golden Gate Labor Coalition is made up of over 380 bridge, bus, and ferry workers who help San Francisco commuters get to work safely each day. Bridge, bus, and ferry workers belong to 14 unions including the Inlandboatmen's Union, MEBA D-1, Operating Engineers, Teamsters #665, Machinists, Ironworkers, Laborers, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Cement Masons, IFPTE Local21, Transport Workers, Teamsters #856.   (Click here for more info)  

The California Nurses Association is planning a strike at Sutter Hospitals.(Click here for more info)

And celebrate May Day by passing the Municipal ID at the Richmond City Council  7pm.



Cinco de Mayo

Parade:  Saturday,  May 5

Participants must register with the Parade Staff located in the parking lot at 24th Street & Barrett Avenue in Richmond between 8:00am - 9:00am. Late arrivals will be denied entry. The parade begins at 10:00am SHARP.

March with the Mayor


Festival: Sunday May 610 am -5 pm

Sponsored by 23rd St Merchants Association



What is Killing Adult Education  


Please circulate the report by the California Federation of Teachers (click here to download) about how misguided policy decisions are driving the elimination of both adult education and non-credit community college classes in California.  The report supports what the  Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS) has been saying for years and backs it up with data.  Please bring it to the attention of adult education advocates and any elected officials you have contact with.  The authors are trying to get this information widely distributed.

Kristen Pursley

Communities Organized to Support Adult School

(510) 387-6357 (cell)





Stopping Evictions

Jim Miller

Jim Miller explaining bank action

Jim Miller is a lifelong Richmond resident.  After his mother passed away, Jim took ownership of the family home in the North and East and the reverse mortgage that came along with it.  Immediately upon receiving ownership of his childhood home, One West Bank demanded a lump sum of 95% of the value of the home, or $100,000.  Employed as a landscape gardener, Mr. Miller makes enough to make modest payments and has requested a modification of the loan, which has been denied by the lender.   ACCE and community members rallied on April 27  to help Jim fight foreclosure  



Chevron's Quarterly Profit Is Up To $6.5 Billion, Production Is Down, Tax Rate Is Still Lower Than Yours

Occupy  Earth Day

Richmond, California protest Chevron on Earth Day.

By Rebecca Leber 
Think Progress.Org



Chevron posted a modest 4.2 percent increase in first-quarter profits compared to 2011, increasing net gains from $6.2 billion to $6.5 billion. That still translates to more than $71 million per day in the first three months of 2012.


Despite a drop in production, a 12 percent increase in average oil prices boosted Chevron's profits this quarter.


Meanwhile, Chevron has faced recent protests in California, home to Chevron CEO John Watson, for environmental damage and tax dodging.


Here's the context for Chevron's $6.5 billion profits:

Chevron paid a 19 percent effective federal tax rate in 2011, after making $26.9 billion profit.


Spent 19.2 percent of its Q1 profits buying back stocks ($1.25 billion), which enriches the largest shareholders.


Production dropped by nearly 5 percent, from 2.76 million barrels per day in Q1 FY 2011 to 2.63 million barrels in 2012.


Chevron CEO John Watson received $25 million compensation last year, a raise of 52 percent. Chevron's Vice President received a 75 percent increase to $7.8 million.


Chevron is sitting on even more cash reserves, $18.9 billion, up from $15.9 billion in January.


Has spent more than $500,000 on federal political contributions in the 2012 election cycle. 87 percent of these contributions went to Republicans.

Has spent $3.24 million on lobbying in the first few months of 2012, after spending $9.51 million lobbying in 2011. Some of the Chevron PAC's major recipients for 2012 include House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ($5,000), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) ($5,000), Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) ($5,000), Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) ($7,500), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) ($5,000).


Chevron is in a legal battle over a $18 billion judgment for environmental damage to Ecuador's rainforest communities. According to Amazon Defense Coalition, the company has tried to block the decision four different times.


In January, Chevron had a natural gas explosion off the coast of Nigeria, which killed two contractors and "caused a fire to burn for weeks," according to Reuters.

With just BP left to report its profits on Monday, four of the five Big Oil companies have already made over $26 billion in the first 91 days of 2012



Upcoming Events


Bicycle Ride of Silence 

Wednesday,  May 16 4:30 pm 

See Flyer Below 



Meet Adam Reich and Bay Area Participants in Recent Hospital Strike    

Saturday, May 19, 4-8 pm 

Meet Adam Reich, author of newly published book, and Bay Area participants in the recently concluded 9-year struggle to unionize Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in Sonoma County.


Home of Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon

747 Lobos Avenue,  Pt. Richmond  (See Map


Co-sponsored by:

Fred Ross, Jr., Dave Bacon, Dan Siegel, Randy Shaw, Peter Tappeiner, Vanessa Tait, Claudette Begin, Libby Sayre, Craig Merrilees, Sal Rosselli, Ellen David-Friedman, Eduardo Soriano-Castillo, Mike Parker, Margaret Jordan, Celia Cody, Paul Kumar, Carl Finamore, Marty Bennett, Chris Finn, Charlene Harrington, Harry Brill, Glenn Goldstein, Frank Fried, Helena Worthen, Joe Berry, Ramsey Kanan, Sasha Lilley, Cal Winslow, Faith Simon, Barry Eidlin, Charlie Eaton, Bill Balderston, Tom Edminster, John Borsos, Alan Benjamin. (partial list)

Refreshments will be served. If you get lost or need further information, call 617-930-7327.


For more on the book,

With God on Our Side: The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital

 see Cornel ILR Press Website          


Conversations WithTwo Authors on Contemporary Cuba

Sunday May 20   6 pm Reception /7 pm Program 

--Welcome by Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin    

--Keith Bolender, Author of Voices from the Other Side:

   An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba

--Isaac Saney, Author of CUBA: A Revolution in Motion



 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, near Ashby BART


$10.00 - $20.00 Benefits LA PEÑA Cultural Center

(no one turned away for lack of funds


Co-sponsors; Richmond- Regla,Cuba Friendship Committee, Berkeley-Cuba Friendship Association, & International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5


www.lapena.org  www.thecuban5.org www.berkeley-cuba.weebly.com







Bike Flyer




RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

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