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Issue: #92October 25, 2012

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Does Bates Encourage Wassberg?
Bates on Jobs and Ban the Box
Race and Health in Richmond
Candidates' Night at St Marks 10/24
Gary Bell Story--Continued
Somebody! Do Something!
Candidates Answers to Hit Pieces
Infant Formula /Ensure Not Taxed
Weigh of Life FunRaiser
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As the campaign heats up Richmond mailboxes will be full of literature supporting the Chevron and Big Soda agendas. Since we don't take corporate money, once again, our success depends on our ability to use "people power" to publicize our candidates and programs in Richmond. The RPA Activist is one tool we use to put out our ideas. One simple thing that YOU can do is to forward the RPA Activist to friends and acquaintances. Thanks.


Does Nat Bates Encourage Mark Wassberg?

  Bates Wassberg Cartoon

At most Council meetings over the last year Mark Wassberg, also a candidate for Council, makes comments that are racist or homophobic. Frequently his remarks are admiring of Hitler's actions toward the Jews. He often uses vulgar language or gestures and yells out from audience.


Candidates Bates and Wassberg
Video: Candidates Bates and Wassberg

Bates has not officially endorsed Wassberg. But Bates seems to be encouraging Wassberg in his "political" career. (See video --warning--offensive language.)   


Wassberg's actions  serve two functions for Bates. First, Wassberg can make the vicious attacks on the RPA while Bates poses as a "reasonable person" on the council.   Second, Wassberg and the small group he sits with, who cheer each other and Bates and Booze, help create chaos in council chambers during meetings to make things difficult for Mayor McLaughlin. Bates then blames the chaos on McLaughlin. 

--Mike Parker 


Short memory

Nat Bates, Jobs, and Ban the Box:


Real Jobs for Richmond - vote Nov. 6th for a city council that understands our resilient community
Real Jobs for Richmond - vote Nov. 6th for a city council that understands our resilient community

Answering a question at a candidates night on Wednesday, Nat Bates conveniently could not "remember" how he voted last year on Ban the Box.   Two days earlier, someone posted a video which might remind him. Nat spoke against the resolution and voted ABSTAIN  which by Richmond Council rules counts the same as a NO vote.

Race and  Health in Richmond  


Big Soda and some politicians are  pushing the idea that the proposed Soda Tax is an attack on the African American community and is dividing the city along racial lines.   In fact there are many progressive African American leaders who are enthusiastic backers of Measure N.  See the Supporters Page at Fit-for-Life.org  


The real "race issue" is the disproportionate health impacts on poor people and communities of color that result from the predatory profiteering of the Big Soda companies.   


If we are to build One Richmond this should be of concern to us all. Everyone should attend this important community meeting: 


Map 684 Juliga
Community Meeting at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist  Church

Is Gary Bell  a Chevron Candidate Continued 


More on Gary Bell's 2004 Vegas Trip


In the last issue we related how Bell had responded to the story in the East Bay Express questioning his lame duck Las Vegas trip on taxpayer money.


Bell declared that "none of it is true" and the statements  were "lies." He challenged Geluardi to produce documentation. Geluardi then produced documentation which we reprinted.


The next day Bell replied with his own records which confirmed Geluardi's.


Thus, Bell confirmed what only the day before he  called "lies" and "untrue." He did take exception to one minor detail and asserted that the expenses charged the city did not include his wife's plane ticket.

Bell Covers for Chevron on Fire
Video: Bell Covers for Chevron on Fire 


Having admitted the main points about the trip, Bell's defense became:

"All expenses accounted for and considered normal. No one from city hall has questioned the expenses to this date but you." Bell goes on to defend the trip because he planned to continue to do public service.


So the defense is that there was no objection from the incompetent and corrupt City Hall in 2004 that had just about bankrupted the City? Bell might just as well have added that Bernie Madoff or City Bank didn't object either.


It may have been technically "legal" for Bell as a lame duck city councilman to blow his Council travel money on the Las Vegas trip after he was defeated. But it certainly does not appear that his first concern was the city's financial health in the midst of a financial crisis.


Read the exchange for yourself here.  


We ask again:

Bell says he is independent of Chevron. Bell is running as the candidate  with "financial experience." The community fought to save vital programs  from the hit that would result from Chevron's tax attack. When did Bell ever make a public statement (write a public letter, go on a demonstration, give an interview. go on record, or any other way) opposing Chevron's legal bullying to try to force a property tax refund.

--Mike Parker


I said Somebody should do something about that.  
Then I realized I am Somebody. 

- Lily Tomlin -


Mad about Chevron's hit pieces?   

Think that $2.2 million for lies is insulting?


"Be the Somebody that does Something."  Don't wait for us to call you.  Call the RPA office and volunteer some time.  510-412-2260


Put up a sign
Wear a button
Call some friends
Call people you don't know
We especially need lots of help on election day.  Call now, sign up to do your part to keep Richmond free.

Answers to Chevron Hit Pieces


Marilyn Langlois Answers Chevron Hit Pieces
Video: Marilyn Langlois Answers Chevron Hit Pieces
















Clearing the Air: Eduardo Answers Chevron Smears
Video: Clearing the Air: Eduardo Answers Chevron Smears
Eduardo Answers Chevron's Anarchy Lies
Video: Eduardo Answers Chevron's Anarchy Lies
Official City Policy Clarified
NO Tax on Infant Formula and Ensure

Richmond City officials have released a clarification of the proposed Tax on Sugar Sweetened Drinks  that makes clear that the measure will NOT Tax the following:
City Policy

Read Official Document here
Weigh of Life fund raiser  
RPA  Recommends
RPA  Recommends on Propositions

Plant the signs

Come by the office 1021 Macdonald and pick some up  

or call us and we will deliver 510-412-2260


 Lawn Signs


  Yes on 30 No on 32

Yes30  No32

Two measures on the November State ballot are about the domination of wealth in our government. Proposition 30 requires that the wealthy pay more to maintain education and other crucial state services.  


The RPA urges a YES vote on 30. On the same ballot is a measure that will weaken the power of unions while maintaining and increasing the power of wealth in politics. The RPA urges a NO vote on 32. We believe that both the Yes on 30 and the No on 32 are two parts of the same fight and should be waged together against the massive corporate money on the other side.


RPA Activist LogoWant to fight  politics dominated by money? The only alternative is that we do the work.  

  We need your help
  • canvassing,
  • phone-banking,
  • data entry work,
  • arranging house meetings, rallies, and events.  
Please do your share to keep People Power in Richmond.

The office is open on Saturdays 9:30 -2 
Weekdays 2-6.  All staffed by volunteers.  
Come in or call and tell us what you are willing to do.
1021 Macdonald 

RPA Activist Info

is for Richmond community members who want to be active in taking on the problems of the environment, racism, joblessness, housing, and crime to create a healthy Richmond. We believe that community involvement means more than voting every two years. It means regular communication with the candidates we elect, letting them know our issues and positions, supporting them as they try to take our issues forward. It means we attend meetings, use email, phone our neighbors, or go on marches building an organized movement to create real change.

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