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Juneteenth - Mayor Gayle with Jalen

January 11, 2011 Swearing-in Ceremony

November 4, 2010

Thanks to the amazing volunteers and campaign efforts of the Richmond Progressive Alliance and other progressive organizations and individuals, we have embarked on a new era for Richmond.

Through their votes, the people of Richmond have shown that the power of big corporations is not unbeatable. While we witnessed some of the most negative smear tactics ever, we stood strong with dignity and integrity.

It is because we believe in the people of Richmond and because the people in Richmond believe in themselves, that we have triumphed. I look forward to continuing our work, reaching out to everyone in Richmond, healing the divides and engaging with everyone in constructive dialogue as we move forward.

The democratic process in Richmond is alive and well.

We, as a community, must now join hands and show our generosity of spirit for one another as we continue to steer our own destiny into a better and better future!

Mayor Gayle

Dear Friends:

Welcome to my 2010 Re-election Campaign Website.  It’s been such an incredible honor to serve as your Mayor for the past 4 years.  Together we have made great strides, built upon our strengths, faced our challenges, and continue to build, brick by brick, a better Richmond.

I invite you to explore my website.  You will find a sampling of the many, many positive steps that we have accomplished together -- steps in economic development, job creation, crime prevention, building cleaner and healthier communities, promoting democratic participation and transparency, and supporting education, culture, the arts, and our youth.  These improvements touch all aspects of our local life, and renew the faith in our residents and in their aspirations for a Better Richmond.

While the state of the City is sound, there are many in the community who are suffering. In the last few years we have faced a national economic storm of unprecedented magnitude, an economic recession triggered by irresponsible corporate bankers and speculators that imploded our financial security and created the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression. Locally, this has been compounded by thousands of home foreclosures, and the budget crisis within West Contra Costa Unified School District. Joblessness and economic despair among youth in our most impoverished neighborhoods are a systemic cause of the chronic violence that continues to plague our city.

Richmond voted massively in 2008 for change in our national leadership, and today many continue to hope and wait. We cannot wait forever. If change is not coming from Washington, D.C., or Sacramento, we must, as Mahatma Gandhi urged, “Be the change you want to see.”   We reaffirm the need to move towards a locally based, sustainable economy, controlled by the people of Richmond.

I understand that my election to public office represented a dramatic departure from “politics as usual” in Richmond. During my campaigns in 2004 for city council and for mayor in 2006, I refused to accept one dime of corporate contributions to my campaign.  I continue this pledge today. For too long local elections had been won and lost within the deep pockets of corporations, and I was proud my campaigns demonstrated that Richmond voters would choose a candidate based on the power of her values and ideas, and not the power of special interests.

Our proud residents refuse to let any multinational conglomerate decide what is fair, what is right for our local community. We will continue to work hard for fair taxation – so that Richmond families and small businesses are not carrying the load for any powerful corporations that seek to avoid their responsibilities through loopholes, special perks and endless litigation.

We have accomplished so much in the last four years, and yet there remains much work to be done. We face unprecedented challenges in the economy, the environment, and public safety. I am asking for your support and vote to be re-elected Mayor of Richmond for another four years. As a candidate of change and hope I will tell you what you already know:

The road to community, economic and environmental health is long and hard, but we have proven we can make change, adjust, redirect priorities, and re-invent our City.

We have already taken some great steps so far. Let’s keep walking on!

Gayle McLaughlin

A Better Richmond is Possible!

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