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November 10, 2014

Truth and Integrity Prevailed!

Greetings good people,

As I've been saying for a long time: there is so much good going on in Richmond! Tuesday's election victory is yet another good thing to add to Richmond's pride and purpose.

Tuesday's victory is a victory for the people of Richmond in a big way. Truth and integrity prevailed. Team Richmond (Gayle McLaughlin, Eduardo Martinez and I) won the 4-year City Council seats. Tom Butt won the seat for Mayor and Jael Myrick won the 2-year City Council seat.

We were faced with more than a $3 million dollar war chest that Chevron had at its disposal and utilized to defeat the people of Richmond, but it did not succeed in buying our election and our government. The people of Richmond mobilized and united to defeat a giant of a corporation, sending a loud message that our government is not for sale!

I send you my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude for all the ways so many of you showed up and dedicated time energy and resources to help bring about this victory. Thank you for your donations. Thank you for volunteering by walking precincts, phone banking and reaching out through social media. Thank you for organizing precincts, using your artistic talents to fix vandalized signs, helping to create mailers and billboards and greeting voters at the poll. Thank you for all that I am aware that you did as well as that of which I am unaware. There was simply so much happening by so many of you so much of the time! It was our united effort that helped defeat $3 million dollars of false ads and propaganda. Together, as with our efforts during WW11, we did it!

As Mayor McLaughlin stated so eloquently:

"This historic election marks the culmination of a decade of hard work by so many in our grassroots movement. At a time when our nation's democracy is in peril due to the outsized influence of corporate money, grassroots democracy has prevailed in Richmond. What an awesome accomplishment we have achieved together!"

I am incredibly proud and honored to be part of our ongoing transformation in Richmond. I am so proud of Richmond!

Gayle was invited to the Bill Moyers Show this week, along with the Richmond Confidential reporter who broke the story that caused a chain reaction throughout the country.
You can see it here: Facing Down Corporate Greed,

Another great article:

Peace and blessings,



I introduced the MINIMUM WAGE ORDINANCE in Richmond.
Workers will get their first raise in January.
The minimum wage will go up to $13 an hour by 2018 with a cost of living adjustment every year after that!

I sponsored our BAN-THE-BOX ORDINANCE to fight discrimination because of previous incarceration.
The ban covers city workers and contractors, provides pathways to productive lives.

It brings security to Richmond's immigrant population with support from Chief Magnus.

I have spoken up for recognition of our LGBT residents.
We are stronger when we oppose discrimination in all its forms.

We secured $90 million and significantly reduced emissions from the Chevron project.

I fought to keep DOCTORS MEDICAL CENTER open.
We continue to look for every possible way to save the hospital for our community.

I fought for and funded efforts to keep Kennedy High School open.

I fostered a progressive environment where companies can bring GOOD JOBS to Richmond and

I accept NO corporate contributions.

I represent you and not the developers and special interests that seek to buy our elections.
All materials were produced by volunteers and paid for by individual grassroots contributions from Richmond residents like you!


I support Planning Commissioner Eduardo Martinez and Gayle McLaughlin (limited by City Charter to two consecutive terms as Mayor) for City Council.

Together we promote the theme “Richmond is Better Now; Let’s Build on a Decade of Progress.”

Team Richmond commits to continue and expand the remarkable transformation resulting from a decade of progressive policies spearheaded by Mayor Gayle.

We stand strong in support of Richmond’s youth, that they be healthy and safe, attend good schools, enjoy sufficient recreational and other positive character development activities, and that an ever expanding job market embrace their talents.

Team Richmond supports modernization of the Chevron Refinery so that the devastating explosion of August 6, 2012 never happens again.

We call for repairs and renovations soon to ensure community safety; jobs for Richmond residents; and a significant and measurable annual reduction of the pollution emitted from the refinery.

We want to continue the grassroots renaissance begun in Richmond with McLaughlin’s election to the City Council in 2004.

We focus on sustainable growth, community health, income equity, and clean energy. We follow the community’s lead in adopting bold and innovative solutions to chronic problems.

A New Generation of Leadership

Responsive; Resident-focused 

"Together, we have worked successfully on so many issues that we can truly say with pride,
'A better Richmond is happening!'”


Support Team Richmond >>

Chevron's latest attack mailer >>


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